St. Clair Saints: Run & Gun for 2011-2012


WINDSOR, ON–The St. Clair College Saints women’s basketball team has a rich history interspersed with success and a few ‘almost there’ scenarios. When you consider that most college athletes, at least at St. Clair, stay for a two or three year term at most, you can understand why it would become difficult to build for the future. A well talented, experienced crew of recruits would do any institution good and potentially build for winning seasons in their second and third year should the team remain together that long.

Newly ordained Head Coach, Ken Ambrose is chomping at the bit to get the pre-season drills and mentality in place for his great looking crop of new recruits that are mostly home grown. Although the final selections have yet to be made, the commitment of all star guard Erica Price will lead the team with her return.

When questioned as to his vision for team play this upcoming season, coach Ambrose explained, “With this young and fast team, we’ll be playing a run and gun offence and be very quick on the D.  This year holds a lot of potential for the women’s team with a great mix of returning players and eager recruits. I’m excited for this team.”

With a new Healthplex that will feature a new gym complex (courtesy of a government $7.9 Million funding commitment) slated for completion in time for the 2013 school year, St. Clair College will undoubtedly enhance their ability to attract more highly talented players.

In addition, the new assistant coaching staff of Joe O’Neill and Aneta Krusharovski (coach of the U20 Women’s National Team in Macedonia) are bringing a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to this overall young team.

It’s not a question of will the players be up for the challenge, but more how to harness and channel that enthusiasm for great output.

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