Dissecting The Canadian Junior National Team Roster


TORONTO, ON–For those that are unaware, the Canadian Junior National Team is set to tip off in Latvia in less than nine hours at 11:30 AM Eastern Time for the U19 World Championships!

It is currently 3:07 AM Eastern Time and I am absolutely pumped for this game to get underway that I have decided to provide a preview on the roster with what to look forward to from each player.

The following is the team’s schedule in Latvia:

Liepaja, Latvia | DATE | TIME | EVENT

  • Thursday, June 30 | 11:15 am ET | CANADA vs. Korea
  • Friday, July 1 | 1:30 pm ET | CANADA vs. Croatia
  • Saturday, July 2 | 1:30 pm ET | CANADA vs. Lithuania


Braxston Bunce | C | 6’11 | Kelowna, BC | Kelowna Secondary School

A large body that can certainly alter shots and make it uncomfortable for the opposing offense to execute on the interior. Bunce has somewhat of a repuation to be a little soft. Here’s his chance to prove otherwise on an international stage!

Sim Bhullar | C | 7’4 | Brampton, ON | Huntington Prep

If you thought that Bunce was a big body at 6’11, try massive at 7’5. If Bhullar can remain agressive and PG Kevin Pangos is able to continue feeding the big man, he will be close to unstoppable. However, on an international stage, Bhullar can be a liability defensively, recovering on defense, if the opposition chooses to run and gun.

Julian Clarke | G | 6’3 | Toronto, ON | Santa Clara University (NCAA)

Clarke will take on a leadership role for this squad based off his experience and maturity. Already having one year under his belt in the NCAA (although limited minutes) Clarke will be a respected voice in the team huddle.

Olivier Hanlan | G | 6’2 | Gatineau, QC | Hew Hampton School

With Kevin Pangos as the only “pure point guard” Hanlan will be called on to provide a dose of offensive production mixed with creating for teammates. Hanlan has the ability to both, and that he will.

Stefan Jankovic | F | 6’9 | Mississauga, ON | Huntington Prep

This could be the time for the Serbian to breakout on the international scene as he is your prototypical European long range sniping big, mixed with North American influence. He has been quite in the EYBL, is it time for him to shine? We shall see.

Matt Letkeman | F | 6’7 | Abbotsford, BC | University of Calgary (CIS)

I have not seen Letkeman in action yet personally, however, sources say that he has developed into a strong interior force. Very interested in witnessing Letkeman unleash.

Junior Lomomba | G | 6’4 | Montreal, QC | Madison Memorial

I am very curious to see Lomomba perform in Latvia as he is primarily a strong performer on the ball. With such a talented team surrounding him, Lomombo will need to pusue various scoring options.

Kevin Pangos | G | 6’2 | Holland Landing, ON | Dr. Denison Secondary School

Pangos hold the keys to the success of this team as he will ultimately dictate the tempo of each game and is responsible for getting the right personnel involved at the right times. If this team is to reach their potential, Pangos must be a craftsman.

Dyshawn Pierre | F | 6’6 | Whitby, ON | Anderson CV

Expect DP to be all over the stat sheet, cramming it with points, rebounds, blocks, and steals. Pierre is an active body that could be more than just a glue guy, which he has been in the past for various teams in the past

Phil Scrubb | G | 6’4 | Richmond, BC | Carleton University (CIS)

The CIS champion knows a thing or two about winning having success at the high school level (Vancouver College) as well as University (Carleton) which is why he is a great fit for this team. Scrubb is a pretty goo play maker too!

Justin Shaver | F | 6’6 | Ottawa, ON | John McCrae Secondary School

Shaver will be a nice role player for this squad, circulating the offense and making the correct plays. As one of the best passing “bigs” in the country, Shaver is  nice fit for this squad.

Negus Webster-Chan | G | 6’7 | Scarborough, ON | Huntington Prep

If you know Negus, you know that he is a flat out playmaker. Webster-Chan is a big body on the wing that can create for himself and others while making it look easy. Fresh off an MVP performance at the All-Canada Classic, NWC can smell blood.

PHOTO COURTESY: Jordan Brand Classic

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