NSAC Rams: The Start of Something New



TRURO, NS–It’s time for change. Nova Scotia Agriculture College (NSAC Rams) have been in the losing column for the last 15-20 years. However, more than likely, that won’t be the case for long for the host of the 2011-2012 CCAA National Championships!

The reason? Three words…Coach Colter Simmonds.

This seasoned veteran behind the bench has had his share of experience with high level basketball at the amateur level, now looking to translate to college.

“Keeping with the academic integrity [of the school] my goal is to change the culture of the basketball program,” Simmonds tells NPH.

With a strong coaching core in place including former St. FX assistant and player, Jeff Piers along with long time NSAC assistant Jeff Kay, the program is moving in the right direction.

Simmonds been an assistant with Nova Scotia’s U15 and U17 t eams, in addition to being Head coach for the U15 team on a seperate occasion. To add to his resume, Simmonds has coached one of the top dogs in Nova Scotia’s high school scene, the Cole Harbour Cavaliers and club team, North Preston Bulls.

When looking to turn a program around, players play an integral role in the development stage. Simmonds feels his tight connection to the basketball community will ultimately be beneficial to sparking interest in the Rams rise to respectability.

“I want to recruit character guys from across the country and want to be loyal to the talent within Nova Scotia,” explained Simmonds.

In addition to recruits having the opportunity to play on a national stage (2011-2012 Host), further sweetening the pot, NSAC can provide substantial monetary incentive in the form of academic scholarships, and have an advantage over many schools in this regard.

Not only will Simmonds look to recruit the best possible players, but will also pay close attention to skill development throughout the course of each season while helping recruits reach their full potential in life and basketball.

Of course, nobody is expecting the Rams to be National championships within one year. However, it has been proven on the Canadian basketball scene along with other levels, that a crucial coaching change could be the ultimate recipe for success.

Take Ryerson Rams (CIS) Head Coach Roy Rana as an example. Rana took his experience and relationships that he developed during his reign as Eastern Commerce Head Coah (Canadian powerhouse High School program) and is currently making magic at Ryerson in a short time.

The Rams stilll have way to go, yet the progress has been undoubable. The same way this Toronto program of the CIS has made strides, the CCAA program of Truro, Nova Scotia plans to mimic the same approach.

Although it will take some time before the NSAC Rams make it to the top of the food chain, one thing is for certain.

Progress from here on out.


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