GEARED UP: Adidas Crazy 8’s Make A Comeback


Some may have noticed that the Crazy 8’s by Adidas have recently been sported by many elite teams in the NCAA, such as Kansas, UCLA, Notre Dame and Louisville. But before these student-athletes had a chance to hit the hardwood with these kicks, they belonged to a player who is commonly known as the “Black Mamba,” KOBE BRYANT. The high flying dunks he brought in were a breath of fresh air as “His Airness” was near the end of his career. Not to say that Kobe is handing the torch over just yet, but Derrick Rose put himself in Kobe’s old shoes to see what it’s like, only escalating from there. 


This shoe was of the highest quality, compared to the others that were designed for Kobe while under contract with Adidas. Taking the original pair out of the archives brought back memories of the summers that were spent putting in work on the asphalt. Although most basketball games are played indoors on hardwood, this shoe has proven to be an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The reason for this satisfaction comes from the herringbone pattern, along with the rubber trim on the bottom that gives extra support for traction, especially for guards that drag their feet in the act of a crossover. Just to make sure that the traction on this shoe was dependable, a pair from 1997 was used to make this judgment. Keep in mind that the pair that was used had worn out herringbone due the pounding they took on the black top.

Some may say that the weight of the shoe may be an issue, since these kicks are making their comeback in an era where most of the new models are aiming to go lightweight. For those who have given the Crazy 8’s a try, they know this is not the case. To some players they feel that extra weight can be beneficial to the overall feel since the use of more material is structured in a way that secures the ankle and heel. Most of the weight in the shoe is determined by its superior cushioning. There is a great deal of cushioning found in the collar that gives it an overall tight and secure feel.

Impact and transfer of energy is reduced by the use of the adiPrene system which is found in the heel and forefoot. While being used in the heel it provides shock absorption for the times that a player lands on their heels from a rebound or even during a powerful 2 footed hop-step. Anytime someone decides to challenge themselves and the shoe vertically, the forefoot adiPrene is meant support a comfortable push off.

If there is one area that this shoe could improve in, it would have to be the torsion system. The concern here is that it lifts the arch of the foot which takes away from the full ride of having the mid-foot closer to the ground. With Kobe’s line of products at Nike there is definitely that immediate feel of responsiveness, but nevertheless this is a product that will always be loved like a pair of Retro Air Jordans.


Comfort – 8.0

Cushoning – 8.5

Ankle Support – 8.0

Breathability – 7.0

Traction – 8.5

Weight – 7.5

NPH Rating: 8.0




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