Xavier Rathan-Mayes: They Call Him X

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TORONTO,ON–The basketball recruiting world is well aware of the young Canadian Phenom and biggest thing for Canada since Dr. James Naismith, otherwise known as Andrew Wiggins. He is undoubtedly atop the class of 2014, not only in Canada, but in the world.

Enough about Wiggins. Let’s shift our attention to NPH #2-Ranked Xavier Rathan-Mayes in the class of 2014. [Other class rankings COMING SOON]

The young offensive terror, and CIA Bounce stud is undoubtedly the most offensively polished player in 2014 at this point, as mentioned previously in the Pittsburgh Jam Fest player evaluations. The next time you hear the nickname “X,” understand who this is. Xavier Rathan-Mayes has arrived and is taking no prisoners. He will be on the chase for the #1 spot behind Andrew Wiggins, who has his thrown grasped tightly.

X is the newest addition to an elite U17 and U16 Nike Team Takeover Canada squad. One might ponder his presence with the team, and suggest that X could be a disturbance within the offense, taking into consideration the extreme depth and talent on the squad. In addition, Rathan-Mayes’ is a volume shooter; is there enough basketball to share the wealth?

After speaking with Team Takeover Canada Head Coach, Tony McIntyre, NPH discovered that this is not at all the case.

“It’s the guys that play around him, they share the ball so much, almost so much that we have to tell him to shoot,” McIntyre explained.

“When they’re out there on the floor, to find a guy that can knock down shots, it’s real easy… and the guys love to pass the ball. He’s able to fit in because they have confidence in him.”

X continues his development as an offensive-minded producer, complimented with a developing defensive game, possessing good size for his position [6’4 SG] and still growing.

Rathan-Mayes is conscious of the talent on both teams that he plays for, therefore he understands that he must remain competent in what he does–scoring the ball.

“We got a lot of scorers on this team, so I just pick my spots and be efficient with what I do,” explained X, in an NPH post game interview.

That he has done. X does his scoring in bunches at a high level. He is able to hit opponents with a flurry of offensive moves to keep defenders on ice.

If you ever get the opportunity to match up against, or watch the star-studded TTC squad in action, and Rathan-Mayes is in the building, just remember…

They call him X…

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