Kevin Pangos vs Myck Kabongo: Breaking Down the Numbers


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TORONTO,ON–With the McDonald’s All-American game and Nike Hoop Summit complete, Canada’s top two point guards Myck Kabongo and Kevin Pangos exhibited their skils among the world’s finest young ballers.

Kabongo is the clear-cut bigger prospect, but when analyzing the numbers, the comparison’s are strikingly similar. Neither had spectacular games, and both struggled from the field but each player left their imprints.

At the McDonald’s All-American game, Kabongo displayed leadership and showmanship as NBA scouts left the gym drooling over his potential. The Texas Longhorn will enter his freshman year likely taking the starting point guard role, having fellow Canadian Cory Joseph shift to the combo guard position. Kabongo will participate in the Jordan Brand Classic next week (April 16) to trump his recent All-American performance in Chicago.

In last night’s hoop summit, Kevin Pangos showed the ability to keep a team organized as the World’s led through the first 4 minutes of the game; until Pangos was pulled out. To his defense, Pangos never had the chance to get things going, logging a total of 15 minutes! The lack of playing time was surprising considering the Canadian bench presence in Head Coach, Roy rana.

All-star events are never a clear indication of a player’s abilities, and with Pangos naturally being a pass-first guard most observers have this young stud counted out. It will be interesting to see how KP will translate his game at Gonzaga next season. Will Coach Mark Few hand the keys over to the Canuck or will the sun of Hall of Famer John Stockton (David) be leading the way for the Bulldogs?



Myck Kabongo @ McDonald’s All-American Game

PTS: 2

RBS: 7

AST: 5

TO: 5

MINS: 20

FG: 0-6

3P: 0-2

FT: 2-2


Kevin Pangos @ Nike Hoop Summit

PTS: 6

RBS: 2

AST: 2

TO: 2

MINS: 15

FG: 1-6

3P: 1-4

FT: 3-4


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