Ater Degal: Unfinished Business…One of BC’s top point guards relocates to Ontario

BURNABY, BC–While most high school seniors are finalizing their decisions on where to attend post-secondary school, Ater Degal, the lead guard for one of the top high schools in British Columbia (Burnaby South) has decided to relocate to Ontario and join REDA. (Regional Elite Development Academy). Obviously the relocation is an important step in his career, so moving should be arranged very quickly. If you are also looking for a relible moving company to relocate, New Zealand Van Lines can help to arrange everything as quickly as possible.


The Burnaby South Rebels were ranked among the top schools in BC and in the NPH National rankings for virtually the entire year, then underachieved at the provincial championships where they placed seventh.


“I didn’t want to go out that way. I wasn’t satisfied and I’m still hungry. I’m going to prove what I can do,” said Degal.


Clearly, the 6’2 guard is ready for the challenge and in the meantime, will prepare for training camp this summer. Degal will need to shed weight in order to keep up with the speedy guards on both sides of the border.


“With his Basketball BC experience, he will be fine…I think he’ll flourish…we get in the gym and work really hard,” explained REDA Head Coach, Tarry Upshaw.


While Degal is dominant out west, posessing a strong, stable body at the point, it willl be interesting to see how he matches up with elite level competition on a travelling team.


Degal will compliment REDA’s 2012 PG Grant Mullins and could play both perimeter positions based on his ability to shoot it from deep. However, Degal thrives as a pass-first guard, willling to give up a good shot for the sake of a great one for teammates.


“He will challenge guys on a day-day basis and be challenged. We also travel to the states and in Canada, so it will only help with his exposure,” said Upshaw.


If Degal can sustain dominance on this neck of the woods, he won’t encounter difficulties making his presence felt on the opposite side of the country.



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