Reebok Zig slash

The Reebok Zig Slash has been highly marketed using superstar rookie John Wall as their focal ambassador. The shoe’s style and design is very appealing to most eyes as they are presented both as a trainer as well as a basketball shoe. Reebok hasn’t seen as much hype as it has on this model since Allen Iverson’s signature shoe, “The Question”. Let’s dive in to the waves of Reebok’s Zig technology.


Reebok has harnessed the rave that has been gained from the commercialization of several energy drinks and has used it to advertise the Zig Slash; supposedly as, “the energy drink for your feet”. The design of the sole is ideally supposed to propel you forward, as soon as the heel strikes the ground, by absorbing the impact and sending the energy into the next zig. There is definitely a noticeable heel-toe transition which is quite exceptional. On the other hand, this conversion of energy is only beneficial to a basketball player when he/she is moving forward. Due to the pattern of the zigs, it makes it difficult to suggest this pair to be used for basketball because it doesn’t support side-to-side movement.

Some may argue that a shoe’s court feel is one of the most important aspects when deciding on a performance sneaker. This element of the shoe refers to the shoe’s ability to make the foot feel as if direct contact is being made with the floor; for quicker transitions and better over all comfort. The Reebok Zig Slash does not provide an even decent court feel, mainly due to the fact that the sole of the foot and the ground are separated by approximately an inch. To make matters worse, the walls of the Zig Slash are too high, which disables a player from making certain cuts because of a lack of lateral motion at the ankle.

reebok-zig-slash-white-reg-black-f5-3.jpgAlthough the review on the Reebok Zig Slash has not been positive thus far, it is important to be blunt. The traction is terrible because the sole is made of the same foam as the midsole. There is an attempt made at gaining some traction by placing rubber pods in key areas but not enough to consider this shoe to be under the category of basketball performance footwear. The Zig Tech is not to be completely disregarded because it is well modified in other Reebok training and running shoes, such as; Zig Sonic, Zig Fly and Zig Energy. For the price of the Zig Slash, it would be beneficial to shop around at a comparable price with brands such as Adidas and Nike for a higher performance basketball shoe, unless of course it’s worn simply for style.

Comfort – 7.5

Cushoning – 7.5

Ankle Support – 8.5

Breathability – 8.5

Traction – 6.0

Weight – 8.5

NPH Rating: 7.2

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