Retro Air Jordan III: BHM Edition

As NPH pays tribute to Black History Month, the following is the Nike Zoom KDIII, BHM edition.


Through his career, Michael Jordan was always a figure who represented greatness, dedication and hard work. In his first two seasons Michael had already established himself as a popular athlete in the league.


In the 1987-1988 season, Jordan won his second consecutive Slam Dunk Contest and his first league MVP award that catapulted him into the eye of the general public more than ever. Everyone wanted to be like Mike; from the way he approached and dominated the game, to the very shoes that he wore on his feet.


To say these shoes were anything less than a phenomenon would be a discredit to the product. Now to honour Black History Month in the year 2011, Nike and Air Jordan have re-released the shoe with a new “BHM” colour-way which you can find some similar ones in  Vessi men’s shoes, at a great price and perfect quality for running and sports.


For the most part, the shoe follows the same design and concept as the original release in 1988. When they were first released, the shoe was viewed as a technical marvel for the innovations Nike put into the shoe itself.


air-jordan-iii-black-history-month-2-610x369.jpgThe Air Jordan 3’s were the first shoe in the Air Jordan line to make use of Nike’s visible Air technology, which was placed under the heel and forefoot. Both units were placed in a densely crafted polyurethane midsole. As a result, the base of the shoe is firm and stable and makes it great for indoor and outdoor play.


However, many players will note a bit of a complexity within the midsole. At times, it feels as if it might be a little too firm around your feet and when you get to the center of your foot, it feels as if it’s too thin.


On the other hand, when it comes to the upper body of the shoe, one will notice that the fit feels very secure and tight. However, the real beauty of the shoe is that when combined with the midsole, these elements come together to form a very stable shoe that decreases the chances of contracting an ankle injury.


Overall, the Air Jordan 3s are still some of the best basketball shoes on the market. Despite the fact that its shoe design is over two decades old, the Jordan III have aged gracefully.


Due to the special colour-way, this particular edition to the Air Jordan family is more of a collector’s item to be showcased rather than played in.



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