Breakdown of the Nike KDIII’s

As NPH pays tribute to Black History Month, the following is the Nike Zoom KDIII, BHM edition. Stay tuned for three more selected performance shoes in the month of February.


There are many ways for athletes to make money aside from the income received from their teams. Every superstar caliber player has a shoe endorsement deal or a contract with one of the energy drink companies to make some extra coin. Fairly new on the seen and only on his third signature shoe, is the Oklahoma City Thunder Phenom, Kevin Durant. For those who had a chance to grab the first Nike KD’s and enjoyed the feel of that shoe, you’ll notice that the KDIII have stepped their game up a few levels.

Durantula’s first performance shoe was very sleek in design and comfortable at the same time. The key change that has been made in terms of design is the cut of the shoe. It started off as a high top and now has transformed to be just low-cut shoe with the feel and look of a tennis shoe. This is advantageous because it allows for a greater range of motion for the ankle.

KDontoes.jpgWhenever purchasing a signature shoe it is important to decide on whether or not your game emulates the player that the shoe belongs to. Obviously the style of play isn’t going to match precisely, after all they are professionals. However, there are some elements that will help in choosing your kicks. For example, the next time you get a chance to watch the Thunder in action, pay attention to the way Durant maneuvers during a game and you will notice the he spends most of his floor time on his toes. If you are a player that moves in a similar way then this shoe may be for you. This would mean that cushioning under the forefoot is a heavy requirement which has been met in the KDIII. Every player has 5 metatarsals and 14 phalange bones which are surrounded by soft tissue that needs to be protected. The Nike Zoom Air bag acts as a cushion as well as a very effective responsive unit.

It comes by no surprise that this shoe includes a touch of flywire technology, as most Nike performance shoes released this year have done the same. Strategically planned at the forefoot, the landing strip shaped flywire acts as a lock to secure the foot into the base of the shoe. In the KDII, there was a strap that went across the top of the forefoot; in the latest release in the Durant collection the flywire is replacing the strap and giving support precisely where it is needed for competitors that are always on their toes. However, the strap was not completely removed because it was useful on the medial side and integrated into the lacing system, where the strap has 2 pairs of lace wholes to adjust the fit so that the upper of the shoe molds to the foot.

From a creative design standpoint, the KDIII’s have various features that are meaningful to him as a player such as the five lightning bolts that are formed in the herringbone traction pattern at the bottom of the shoe which represents himself as well as his teammates. Within the logo that is on the tongue there is a whole in the “d” that acts as a tongue pull. Another logo which is found at the bottom of the shoe in the area of the second toe is a logo for his parents.

This shoe is offered in a variety of team colourways. Now that you’ve learned all you need to know about this shoe, go try them on in the store. If you enjoy and are satisfied with the feel and flexibility then buy them and hit the hardwood and create some thunder.

Comfort – 9.0

Cushioning – 8.0

Ankle support – 8.5

Breathability – 8.0

Traction – 10

Weight – 8.5

NPH Rating: 8.7

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(Photo Courtesy: Sneaker Maniac, TSN) 

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