Hype Up Your Game: BHM Edition

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As we inch closer to February, NPH pays tribute to Black History Month, showcasing a series of BHM edition performance footwear. The first shoe in this series is the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse.

2011-Black-History-Month-Full-Lineup-1.jpgSurely you’ve witnessed the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse take gyms by storm. One may ask what separates this basketball shoe from the others that are from the “hyper” line? Other great Nike products from this line of production are the Hyperdunk, Hyperize and Air Max Hyperize.  According to Leo Chang, the designer of the Hyperfuse, the prefix, “hyper” stands for the “ultimate in lightweight performance”, which is exactly the outcome of this shoe.

In recent years, Nike has made it a priority to create performance shoes that focus on having an overall weight between 10-12 ounces, while challenging the traditional materials and designs that have been used in previous generations.  The Hyperfuse sit at 12.5 ounces; that’s approximately 4-5 ounces less than a typical basketball shoe, yet carry with them a strength that’s incomparable to others. The process of this creation has crossed over from the customary stitching that binds various parts of the shoe together, to a fusing process that combines features such as traction, durability, and breathability. Out of these three features, breathability is the one that is most obvious at first glimpse.

While it is unconventional to see mesh used as the main outside layer of a basketball shoe, it has proven to be as useful as it is on a Nike trainer. The bottom line is, when you’re working hard doing drills in practice, or playing in a game the temperature inside the shoe rises. Different types of movements as well as, the amount of time the foot is inside the shoe, all contribute to the heat that is created. After a study that has been done based on the factors that influence the temperature and relative humidity inside the shoe, it has been learned that after 45 minutes of play, the inside of a basketball shoe reaches about 28°C. All of this information is directly related to the Hyperfuse because this shoe has a ventilation system that allows for heat to escape from key heat zones such as the midfoot and the toe area. These mesh windows air out the foot and allow the moisture in the foot to drop from 80% to 40%. If you are someone who often gets blisters then you will love this shoe. It keeps your socks relatively dry to prevent wet socks from creating friction on your skin.

2011-Black-History-Monthhyperfuse.jpgAlthough this composite is a fairly complete shoe, not everyone will find that it fits their needs. Since the shoe’s materials are all pressed together, they combine to form a snug fit around the midfoot that locks down and stabilizes any foot shape. If you are a person that does not like a tight fitting shoe then I would suggest wearing half a size larger than your actual foot size. All feet come in different shapes and widths and these are important aspects when deciding on a shoe. This particle shoe is designed with a medium width. This being the case, players with a wide foot and those who are flat footed will do their feet no justice by getting these kicks.  

There are many NBA players that have been zooming by opponents this season in their Hyperfuse. Amongst those names are the likes of Rajan Rondo, Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook. Feel free to get yourself a pair and benefit from the extreme comfortability.

(Photos courtesy: sneakermaniac.com)

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