Braeden Anderson: Attention Rising


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WILBRAHAM,MA–For those unfamiliar with the name, Braeden Anderson (NPH #6) is a native of Okotoks, Alberta, and has come a long way in a short time. After beginnning his High school career in Alberta with Foothills Composite, he transferred to Christian Faith Centre Academy in Creemor, NC for a cup of coffee, then continued his journey to Wilbraham & Monson Academy in Massachusetts. Anderson is currently garnering a load of high-major interest from prestigious NCAA programs around America after decommiting from Depaul.

“The recruitment has been crazy, I can’t even explain,” he said.

Several high major programs have been in contact with Anderson’s coaches including some that weren’t in the mix previously as mentioned by Braeden in a recent phone interview. Schools include Kentucky, Tennessee, Stanford, Cal, Georgia, Oregon.

Most of the schools mentioned would have Anderson align with fellow Canadians such as Kentucky commit, Kyle Wiltjer, (NPH #5), Stanford’s Dwight Powell & Stefan Nastic, Emerson Murray’s Cal, and recently transferred, Devoe Joseph of Oregon.

Anderson has matured both on and off the court in the course of all his travels, mentioning his coachability as an integral part of his development.


braeden.jpg“The thing that I’m most proud of is how I’ve learned to take coaching. I think I’ve come a long way. I used to struggle with taking critisicm back home in Canada. My coach John Hegwood played a huge role in helping me get some mental toughness, playing through different obstacles in games and practices,” said Anderson.


“Playing for CYDC (previous Basketball club prior to Grassroots Canada) and the environment there, it was a brotherhood, those guys are all my brothers.”

BA attributes his motivation and inspirationg to those that came before him, even though just a few years apart.

“I saw Ryan Wetherell, he played at USC, Bol Kong who was at Gonzaga, Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph at Texas. I feel that guys like that have made an impact on me, because it shows you can do it!”

“If they can do it, you can do it.”

While he respects and appreciates the Canadian players dropping jaws at various levels, it is Anderson’s time to join the club.

“That’s most important to me, people paving the way and that’s what I’m trying to do, pave the way for the players coming up. The Canadian guys are doing it and I want to be a part of it to prove to the kids back home; if they work their ass off they will have the same opportunity as the kids growing up in the States.”

The players down South are definitely representing both in the NCAA and various prep school, playing with a sense of urgency, as several coaches have raved about two key player components in these Canadians; work ethic and energy.

“We all know how it feels to not have that opportunity. A lot of people take it for granted and they don’t understand that so many people don’t have the opportunity. It’s very easy for me not to have it so you want to make the most of it.”

It’s safe to say, “@Kingbraeden” (Twitter) is making the most of his time.


Stay tuned for an update on the NPH Ticker regarding what school Anderson will choose to become a part of.



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