BA Academy Select Team



Harry Morrice | 2019 | 6’11 | 220lbs | C | Scotland | Beckley Prep

Mobile, athletic, moves well off the ball. On the offensive end tracks down rebounds and seals.

JJ Reed | 2019 | 6’7

Joel Brown | 6’2 | PG |

Noah Wharton | 5’11 | PG | Ridley College

Hitting tough shots coming on top of screens. Connected on some deep 3s.

Keeshawn Barthelemy | 2020 | 6’2 | PG | Thornlea

Much improved three pt shooting from the 45 angle. Not as consistent from the corners. Depth perception perhaps not as good from those angles. Great elevation on jump shot. Brings it every game. One of the better 2-way guards in the class.

Shown that he can use the floater effectively against longer defenders when he gets in the lane.

Cashius McNeily | 2020 | 6’4 | PG | Thornlea

Want to see him play hard all the time. Very lackadaisical majority of his minutes. I understand he is very skilled and it comes natural to him but that’s the same case for Andrew Nembhard yet he still competes hard while still being ultra composed. No left

Jahmyl Telfort | 2020 |

Malcolm Bailey

Opening up eyes with his athleticism and timing. Has moments where he disappears and is ineffective simply due to effort, mentally checks out.



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