PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND–Orangeville Prep vs The MacDuffie School in the game of the night at the National Prep Invitational presented by Cox Sports.

Neither team was able to stretch the lead past nine points. On one side, MacDuffie had the girth and strength of their bigs Omari Spellman and Jordy Tshimanga, while Orangeville had a lengthy back court of guards that contested and closed out on most MacDuffie possessions.

Stepping out on Spellman was the issue, or the lack thereof. The 6’10 future forward went 4-5 today from the three point line. He is daring opposing big to step out on him.

Jamal Murray forced the rankings discussion to reopen. Prior to releasing the Top 10 list for the 2016 class in Canada, there was extensive debate over whether Jamal Murray should remain in the number one spot or drop to two as Thon Maker enters.

On one side there was National Scout, Tariq Sbiet pleading that the upside of Maker, his current skill set and size should validate his stock at numero uno.

On the other side, there was me reminding Tariq of Jamal’s clutchness, the ability to take over games, his competitive nature and ability to play and defend both guard spots.

Elias Sbiet

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