Note: this is only for North Pole Hoops-sanctioned events

1. I consent to the use of my players' images or likeness of my image and am aware that I may be recorded in one of the following formats: film, video, digital photo and/or print. I consent to this recording and am aware that my image may be distributed locally and/or internationally upon completion. I understand the producers have a duty and responsibility to uphold a positive image of North Pole Hoops and its affiliates, associates and internal partners. I hereby give and grant North Pole Hoops, its clients, agents and vendors the absolute and unconditional right to use, publish, display, and/or reproduce in any manner, video/photographs in connection with educational, recruitment, admission or trade materials.

2. I hereby waive any right to inspect and approve the finished video/photographers or the manner in which any of the same are used, reproduced, published or displayed.

3. I further release North Pole Hoops, its clients, agent or vendors from any liability whatsoever that may occur or be produced in the taking, reproducing, publishing, showing, or displaying of said video/photographs, and agree that North Pole Hoops shall be the owner/photographs, all rights to them, may copyright the video/photographs in its own name, and may grant to others permission to use them.