TNP West: One Of The Deepest Teams In The League

Heading into the NPH D1 Playoffs with a record of 7-5, Top Notch Prep West isn’t a team that should be slept on. They have the talent to shock some teams in a win-or-go-home situation, as long as they’re all locked in and on the same page.

Starting off with their leading scorer, C/O 2025 6’5 G Marques DaSilva Romeo is averaging 16.7ppg going into the playoffs. The sharpshooting scoring guard has put together some big-time performances including a 40-point performance + 3 games scoring at least 30.


One of their prospects who I think has strong upside is 2025 6’5 G/F Elijah Lyttleton. Played a lot on the ball this past weekend and showcased the ability to use his size to his advantage against smaller guards. Good enough handle to break guys down and get inside where he has a nice scoring touch. Knocked down 4 threes in a game as well. Another crafty lefty for this team making them full of guards/wings who are hard to predict.

Speaking of crafty guards, 2025 6’3 G Jaylen Forde was playmaking & distributing at an elite level for them this past session. Athletic and shifty guard who made fantastic reads. Whether pushing the break or getting inside touches for kickouts, he showed strong and quick decision making ability which is crucial for this team. Having someone who can set the table but also get their own will be a key to this teams success in the playoffs.

Next up is their 2025 PG Demitri Mackenzie, a crafty lefty guard who stays in attack mode. Handful to contain, has the ability to get downhill and finish through contact at the rim. Had his best game of the season this past weekend for TNP West scoring 22points. 1 of 3 players on the team that have played all 12 regular season games. Reliable. Adds another threat to this team, the more contributors they have the tougher they are to contain as a unit. They should also see solid production from their second leading scorer Jaylan Ramsay who’s putting up 10.7ppg.

As mentioned, if this team is able to play to their potential, they will be a tough matchup for any team come playoffs.


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