2022 Canadian National Watch List

The 2022 class is overflowing with talent, athleticism, length and toughness. These ballers were amongst the elite in their age groups, but are now are rerouting to the bottom of the food chain as they become freshmen in high school. At this level, the game is faster, athletes are stronger, and mental toughness is challenged every single day. Skillset, poise, and execution will be tested as ballers in the 2022 class establish themselves on the high school stage getting india scholarship. 

Here is the 2022 watch list.

Penelope Albert | 6’0 | F | Kodiac D’Amos, QC

Long and lanky, smooth with good handles and some crafty tendencies. Uses good ball fakes and creates offensively in the midrange, soft touch around the rim, 3 ball looks good, solid passer with court awareness.


Achol Akot | 5’11 | F | Canada Topflight Academy

Gamer! Good feel for the game, reads and sets up defense to get to the rim for buckets or assists. Long and athletic with good speed, finishes with versatility around the basket, shot is coming along. Impactful on defense.

Jayla Owen | 5’5 | SG | Pagé

Quick trigger and deep range on the 3 ball! Competitor with great energy, an edge and some swag to her game. Handles it and finishes with good touch at the rim or can kick it for options. 

Shantavia Dawkins | 5’7 | G | Southwest Academy

Fearless rebounder and competitor! Gets to the rim with the intention to score but can also find the open man or pullup. Shoots the 3 ball and has shown some back to the basket game. Active defender.


Mary Asare | 5’8 | G | J Addison School

Strong athlete with a motor and defensive purpose! Scores at all 3 levels but primarily looks to get paint touches, finishes with contact. 3 ball has range and 15ft spot up is a good look. Rebounds aggressively and works on both ends.


Lydia Melaschenko | 5’7 | PG | Capital Courts

Intense and energetic vocal guard with crafty tendencies and leadership skills. Creates off the bounce at the rim or dishes for assists. 3 ball is a threat.

Inora Touloute | 5’10 | G | Felix-Lecerc, QC

Lengthy ambidextrous guard with handles and a good change of speed. Good in the open court and transition game, rebounds! Gets to the rim and has a jumper. Good use of length in passing lanes and defensively. 


Maya Chocano | 5’10 | G | Caledon

Smooth guard with a great build and stamina. Can handle it and deliver nicely in the open court, good vision, engages defenders. Scores with variety, can create off the bounce. 3 ball looks good.


Cheyenne Rowe | 6’2 | F | Southwest Academy

Long athletic forward with defensive impact; great anticipation in passing lanes, clean feet can guard perimeter or full court, gets steals. On every rebound. Offensively scores well within 15 feet – can attack off the bounce and shoot the short jumper.


Kayley Joseph-Bernard | 5’11 | SF | Bishop Reding/Transway Juel Prep

Dynamic guard with a lengthy wingspan and smoothness in her game. Good touch, pullup is smooth and first step on penetration is efficient, shoots the 3 ball. Can handle it in traffic, delivers the ball nicely, rebounds.

Angelie Ricard | 5’10 | G | St-Jean, QC

Dynamic combo guard with a well-rounded skillset and a great feel for the open court. Seeks contact on penetration and gets to the line; finishes with contact. IQ player with a 3 ball, good using ball screen. 


T’yanna Todd | 5’11 | G | Bill Crothers 

Skilled athletic guard with versatility scoring as well as defending multiple positions. Crafty scorer at the rim, dishes in traffic or pulls it midrange. Can score spot up or off the bounce beyond the arc.


Dominique Ennis | 5’6 | PG | TRC

Skilled PG with toughness and an offensive mindset. Scoring ability at all 3 levels; can create off the bounce for her own or facilitate for dimes, knocks down the 3 ball. Handles it under pressure. Aggressive defender with good hands.


Treyah Paquette | 5’5 | PG | Glenlaw Collegiate Institute, MB

Fundamentally sound shooting PG with crafty reads and a good flow. Quick trigger and clean consistent footwork on her shot, timely & accurate passer off penetration and moves well off the ball. Vocal active on ball defender, crashes boards.


Lemayah Hylton | 6’0 | G | Southwest Academy

Impressive athlete with lengthy strides and speed. Provides transition game and gets to the rim through defense, passes well off the bounce. Brings opportunity for iso and mismatches in the half court. Shoots the 3 ball. Blocks shots and gets in passing lanes defensively. 


Skylar Forbes | 6’0 | F | St Augustine Catholic HS 

Athletic forward who gets to the rim through defense and can finish. Spots up beyond the arc & showed good handles on the perimeter. Good screener and good passer. 


Presley Heggie | 5’9 | G | Lethbridge Collegiate, AB

Solid shooter with toughness, grit and hustle. Involved in every play; solid IQ, versatile scorer and competitor. Gets to the rim and finishes well with contact and traffic; likes the reverse layup and has counter moves for all D reads. Plays bigger than she is. Crashes boards.

Shauntee Centen | 5’10 | G | Sir Wilfrid Laurier/Ramblers Juel Prep

Athletic guard with a good feel for the game and solid fundamentals. Attacks hard and gets to the rim, clean footwork and crafty combo moves on penetration. 3 ball is coming along and pullup is solid.

Clara Bergeron | 6’2 | F | St Jean/Gerard Fillion, QC

Dynamic forward with guard like tendencies; handles it, knocks down spot up 3, penetrates to the rim, cuts behind the defense and finds the offensive advantage with her length, skillset and agility. Good passer, poised under pressure.


Lara Cook | 5’10 | G | TRC

Defensive factor with length and bounce – rebounds and locks up. Midrange scorer and gets buckets off slashing through defense. Good off ball activity and the ability to create off the bounce.

Lilia Skumatova | 6’0 | SF | King’s Christian

Fundamentally sound athlete with the ability to score in volumes. Knocks it down with a quick release and clean footwork on the catch. Attacks the paint hard and can kick it off the bounce. IQ player, moves well off ball. Locks up defensively. 

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