Canadian PG Munis Tutu Receives Release From LMU

Former National team member and Windsor, Ontario native Munis Tutu has received a release from Loyola Marymount University as of yesterday. This speedy Canadian point guard will be looking for a fit that compliments his game, effective immediately.

Photo Courtesy: LMU Athletics

Fit is often the most important factor in selecting a school. In Tutu’s next and final stop of his collegiate career at the DI level, he is seeking an opportunity to compete somewhere in the NCAA that suits his uptempo style and play making ability.

“Playing in transition, I know that I’m great at making the right decision and making a winning play. I can really help a team that loves to run a lot, play fast. I’m looking for a place where I can go and contribute and earn trust with the coaching staff for me to have the ball in my hands and make plays for my teammates.”

The maturity in his voice and how he’s carried himself over the years is evident. Since his high school days, he’s been known to be a kid with integrity, a high character that also boasts a GPA of 3.2.

Although he saw his minutes fluctuate at LMU, Tutu never let it affect his game and his coaches would say the same.

There is no “ill will” or “bad blood” between Coach Dunlap, the rest of the coaching staff and Tutu. In fact, they see eye to eye and respect the decision.

“Coach Dunlap molded me into a man over the past two years, he cares about me as a man. On the court, I’ve learned to play at different speeds, yet I need to be in a situation that compliments my style.”

Tutu will need to sit out one year according to NCAA DI rules, but the team who ends up recruiting Tutu will be pleasantly surprised at the improvements he’s made with his body, shooting and decision making on the fly.

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