Nike Signature League Launches in Brampton, Ontario!


Nike signature league had its inaugural session this past weekend at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario.

The league features a grade 7 and 8 division containing seven programs a piece for 8 competitive sessions scattered across mostly Mississauga and Brampton.

The first session of the new league showcased one thing; it was time for most of the teams to message the kinks, and work on their continuity.

Union East and the Mississauga Monarchs are two teams that stood out with their strong team chemistry.

Union East had a ton of success with their play due to their hard nose on ball defense and deep roster. Elijah Fischer, and Nathaniel Richardson are two wings that demand the other teams attention, as they are ranked 2nd and 3rd in league scoring.

Fischer is frequently the most athletic kid on the court. His hang time is truly awe inspiring as he stays in the air seconds after his defenders have already landed. Couple that with his ability to throw down, something he’s done regularly since he was 12, and we’ve got ourselves a star in the making.

Nathaniel Richardson made his imprint this past weekend with his energy, defense, and speed on the fast break. His length and athleticism are top notch.


The Mississauga Monarchs one two punch of Ethan Dela Cruz and Manvir Virdi helped them in their 2-0 start.

Virdi is currently leading the league in scoring, punching in 24 PPG, which included making 6 three pointers in a 83-59 win over UPlay. The Mississauga wing has improved his game a ton, and comes into the season 4 inches taller then a year ago.

Meanwhile Ethan Dela Cruz is still, well, Ethan Dela Cruz. The diminuative point guard continues to get in the paint at will, but has also added a three point shot to his arsenal. He currently ranks sixth in scoring.

CK United, the Markham Gators, and Vaughan Panthers ended their first session with one win and one loss apiece. Each squad looked like they needed more time and cohesion with their teammates.

CK United lost to Markham 64-58 while the Gators then turned around and lost to Vaughan 77-70. Needless to say these teams are very close and will have tightly contested games moving forward. UPlay and the Mississauga Knights round out the group and are the only two teams that remained winless after week one.


For full schedule, stats and scores click here. 

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