National Preparatory Association Announces GTA Prep as 11th Member



The National Preparatory Association is proud to announce its 11th member–GTA Prep out of Mississauga, Ontario.

The team is spearheaded by Founder and Head Coach David Cooper.

Cooper’s resume includes a successful NCAA career with James Madison University and Southern New Hampshire University; a run with the US Virgin Islands national team, and professional stints in Puerto Rico, Singapore, Canada, and the United States.

“When I got into the community and saw the talent and potential in the youth coming here, I knew I wanted to be involved at that level,” says Cooper.

“The Prep model was needed in Canada, there’s a lot of talent that’s here, late bloomers, who are just starting to get their look in their Grade 11 or 12 year. These guys are just a few seasons away from the next level, so it’s those extra years of being trained at that high level that is going to make a tremendous impact on these young men.”

Cooper realized a need for a Preparatory option for these kids, and created GTA Prep. He partnered with the Peel District School Board and Mississauga Secondary School, where the Student-Athletes will fulfill their academic responsibilities.

The program will be running two teams, GTA Prep which will play in the NPA, and Mississauga Prep which will be independent. The GTA team will have a bigger core of post-grads students and older players, while Mississauga Prep will act as more of a Junior Varsity team, with a lot of promising young talent that is still developing.

Cooper already has a nucleus of players that he will work with for both teams, but they also hosted open houses where they found even more of the talent Cooper knew was in the region.

“Watching some of the talent at our open houses was phenomenal,” says Cooper. “We found some guys that were diamonds in the rough, and that’s the reason why the NPA is so valuable, you’re getting these players into great programs that will develop them and take them to the next level.”

GTA Prep will feature some of the top talent from the area, highlighted by Tri-City NPH Showcase MVP AJ Lawson. The 6’4 combo guard broke out on the circuit then cemented himself as one of the top 2019 Canadian prospects with another showing at the Toronto NPH Showcase.

“AJ is a guy who’s going to be special for us for the next few years,” says Cooper. “His work ethic is out of this world, you can expect big things from him.”

GTA Prep will also feature a pair of standout players in 6’4” Jaden Campbell (CNIT MVP ) and 6’5” Nadel Musah. Both are expected to contribute heavily this season.

Cooper admits the team is lacking a traditional big man, but knows that they have no choice but to make up for their shortcomings with effort. With the NPA’s new agreement with The Grind Session, which will see the NPA Champion qualify in one of America’s most elite tournament sessions, the stakes are even higher.

“I know this league is really good, so in order for us to be able to  compete, we have no choice, we have to bring it that way every night to give ourselves a chance,” says Cooper. “That’s what makes the NPA so special, they put you on the top stage not only in Canada but now in the United States, so for us we want to maximize every situation, every possibility to be a part of that.”

“We are telling these guys to look at these opportunities and get after it, this is your chance to get on that stage and show everyone not only am I supposed to be here, but I’m here to work.”

GTA Prep joins London Basketball Academy, Saskatchewan’s Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, British Columbia’s B.C. Christian, New Brunswick’s Rothesay Netherwood, Quebec’s Thetford AcademyToronto’s St Mike’s, TBA and Central Tech Prep, Ottawa’s Topflight Academy and Sault Ste Marie’s The Tech Academy Titans.

Welcome to the league–A Nation Inspired.

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