New Prospects FOUND — Day One of the Jr NPH Showcase


As the Junior NPH Showcase takes place at Hillfeld and Stathallam, the showcase season in Ontario as a whole, is coming to an end.

One thing that we want to consistently preach with the NPH Showcase is we are looking for hidden gems, and kids from the outer regions with talent.

Ontario is 1.076 MILLION km2. That’s a ton of ground to cover considering that that area right there is almost twice the size of Texas.

Thus having a “invite only” camp depletes the purpose of what these showcases are all about.

At this young age identifying prospects and watching their progression is key.

Standout Guys

Yellow shirtJohn Junior Ikerdoah (2021) from the Milton Stags is a high motor six-foot-three centre with good physicals. Ikerdoah has been a hidden gem, just recently returned to Canada from Africa.

The Hamilton Wildcats stand outs include Marcus Rilling, Isaac Graham and Damien Nath.

Rilling is a big bodied, high IQ player who is two steps ahead of opponenant with great patience with good counter moves.

Graham is a high motor prospect who never gives up on the offensive and defensive glass. His second jump is the best at camp.

Nath is a point forward who is very active around the rim and paint area, also finished inside with the best of them on day one.

UPlay’s Luke DeGannes is physically developed ahead of his age group to say the least. Has a high hand-eye coordination that helps him on both ends of court (ex steals, shooting, ect.)

Ethan Forster from UPlay is a high IQ guard with good vision, and a strong base, and upper body.

Liban Hashi (2022) from the Family Basketball is a cerebral player who reads the game at a high level, and has great decision-making.

White kidLiam Craven from Blessed Sacrament can shoot the ball but he does not allow that to dictate his game. When his jumper isn’t falling, he is one of the highest intangible guys at camp.

Windor’s STAG Elite Rodi Mazloum, Gabe Rosete, and Marc Galipeau are also making a name for themselves.

Mazloum has very good deep range capabilities, its crafty underneath the rim, and has a high IQ game, keeping his dribble alive consistently.

Rosete and Galipeau round out the list as their physicals and high energy level make them great defensive option, and both can shoot the ball.

Tall hairKing Dixon (2023) who was part of the Toronto Showcase, showed great improvement in his leadership, skill, and overall confidence.


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