Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson MVP in Portugal, Chris McLaughlin Most Improved in Austria

Welcome back to North Pole Hoops’ International Report!

As the season winds down we would like to congratulate all the INTERNATIONALREPORT1-300x300players on their strong finishes. While there are only a handful of players that end their season this month, it is important to note that players are made in the offseason, so keep working! #MaximizePotential

With that being said, there are still countless Canadians still playing and competing to enter playoffs, too. We are working diligently to find and record all games for the Canadians overseas. Through countless websites, lives streams and reports we are committed to getting the most up to date stats, data, and news.

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Most Valuable Player – March

Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Winnipeg, MB) – Galitos Tley (Portugal)

jarred-ogungbemi-jacksonFive-foot-ten Mr. Jackson has been recently putting up big numbers. The University of Calgary alumni is showing out in Portugal for Galitos. With his teammate, Jordan Baker, not putting up his typical numbers early in the season, Jackson is picking up the slack. His best game recently was a 27-point game on 73% from the field in 34 minutes. He has been consistently getting 15+ ppg with 3 threes a game while shooting 90% from the foul line.

His first year pro success shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jackson consistenly shown out for the University of Calgary through out his career. Jackson averaged around 20 ppg, 7 rpg, 4 apg and 2 spg in 35 minutes a game. His exceptional care for the ball is what makes him special. He easily creates for teammates but can take over the game when needed, all the while being efficient. Also don’t forget he was invited in 2009 to Canada’s Jr National team, so he has been competing at a high level for years. We hope to see Jackson continue his recent success.

Best Single Game Performance

Yannick Anzuluni (Ottawa, ON) – UMEA (Sweden)

39 points, 17 rebounds 58% from the field 3 threes

We all know Yannick. We all know he is a beast. We all know he gets buckets. But as one of his final games of the season he treated us with something special. This was the biggest game of the season for his team due to the fact that if theyYannick-Anzuluni-PR lost they would have been in relegation playoffs (losing team goes to a lower division).

Lets get to the stats. From 2 point land he shot 71% going 15 for 21. He had 10 defensive boards and on top of that 7 offensive boards getting after it on both ends of the court. Just as a bonus Yannick added 3 blocks and 4 steals to dominate the game in every sense. There isn’t much to say. Yannick Anzuluni is a beast.


Most Improved

Chris McLaughlin (Oakville, ON) Gmunden – (Austria)

Chris-McLaughlinChris McLaughlin has show off his strong performance this month by putting up strong, efficient, impactful numbers. At the start of the season McLaughlin was up and down. He averaged 5 PPG and 3 RPG. He has now improved to 17PPG and 7 RPG. McLaughlin has finally began hitting his stride. In his last 7 games he has been able to hit double digits, also adding 3 double doubles. The best part of his recent success is his field goal percentage. During McLaughlin’s impressive streak his lowest shooting percentage has been 50%, while his highest was 89%. In that game McLaughlin finished with 18 points and also hitting a three!

However, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. His overall package was on full display at the University of Victoria. In his final year finish with 19.8ppg, 10rpg on 61.9% shooting from the field.

Top 3 in each Statistical Category


Marc Trasolini (Vancouver, BC) – Agropoli (Italy) – 22.41 ppg

Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa, ON) TLU/Kalev (Estonia) – 20.23 ppg

Murphy Burnatowski (Waterloo, ON) – StarWings (Switzerland) – 20.09 ppg

Dejan Kravic (London, ON) – Den Bosch (Holland) – 9.54 rpg

Yannick Anzuluni (Ottawa, ON) – UMEA (Sweden) – 9.13 rpg

Marc Trasolini (Vancouver, BC) – Agropoli (Italy) – 9.00 rpg



Marek Klassin (Vancouver, BC) Leeds Force – (UK) – 6.18 apg

Jahmal Jones (Mississauga, ON) – Svitavy (Czech) – 5.44 apg

Hernst Laroche (Montreal, QC) – Sopron KC (Hungary) – 5.03 apg


3s Made per Game

Brady Heslip (Oakville, ON) – Cantu (Italy) – 3.77 made per game

Srdjan Pejicic (Waterloo, ON) – IMOLA/Grifo Basket (Italy) – 3.67 made per game

Andy Rautins (Syracuse, NY) – Royal Hali (Turkey) -3.55 made per game


Field Goal Percentage

Ryan Wright (Mississauga, ON) – Falco KC (Hungary)  – 61%

Marc Trasolini (Vancouver, BC) – Agropoli (Italy) – 59%

Chris McLaughlin (Oakville, ON) Gmunden – (Austria)– 59% ppg


Top Scorers

(>10 ppg, min of 10 games played)

Marc Trasolini (Vancouver, BC) – Agropoli (Italy) – 22.41 ppg

Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa, ON)  – TLU/Kalev (Estonia) – 20.23 ppg

Murphy Burnatowski (Waterloo, ON) – StarWings (Switzerland) – 20.09 ppg

Yannick Anzuluni (Ottawa, ON) – UMEA (Sweden) – 18.58 ppg

Robbie Sihota (Calgary, AB) –MAFC(Hungary)/Bremerhaven (Germany) – 16.45 ppg

Jordan Baker (Edmonton, AB) – Galitos Tley (Portugal) – 16.44 ppg

Srdjan Pejicic (Waterloo, ON) – IMOLA/Grifo Basket (Italy) – 16.00 ppg

Brady Heslip (Oakville, ON) – Cantu (Italy) – 15.63 ppg

Sefton Barrett (Brampton, ON) – KTP Basket (Finland) – 15.43 ppg

Dejan Kravic (London, ON) – Den Bosch (Holland) – 15.42 ppg

Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Winnipeg, MB) – Galitos Tley (Portugal) – 15.33 ppg

Sean Denison (Trail, BC) – SOCAR Petkim (Turkey) – 15.27 ppg

Tyson Hinz (Sherbrooke, QC) – Zwolle (Holland) – 15.19 ppg

Jahmal Jones (Mississauga, ON) – Svitavy (Czech) – 14.96 ppg

Diego Kapelan (Vancouver, BC) – Ourense (Spain)  – 14.91 ppg

Evaldas Zabas (Oakville, ON) – TU/ROCK (Estonia) – 14.82 ppg

Kenny Chery (Montreal, QC) – Alba (Hungary) – 14.57 ppg

Andy Rautins (Syracuse, NY) – Royal Hali (Turkey) – 14.24 ppg

Marek Klassin (Vancouver, BC) Leeds Force – (UK) – 14.00 ppg

Hernst Laroche (Montreal, QC) – Sopron KC (Hungary) – 13.72 ppg

Nick Lewis (Scarborough, ON) – London Lions (UK) – 13.48 ppg

Ross Bekkering (Taber, AB) – Groningen (Holland) – 13.00 ppg

Thomas Scrubb (Vancouver, ON) – Kataja Basket (Finland)– 12.98 ppg

Jason Calliste (Scarborough, ON) – Baron Riga (Latvia)- 12.67 ppg

Simon Farine (Toronto, ON) – Ironi K-A (Israel) – 12.57 ppg

Ryan Wright (Mississauga, ON) – Falco KC (Hungary)  – 12.57 ppg

Kevin Pangos  (Holland Landing) – Gran Canaria (Spain) – 12.06 ppg

Kyle Landry (Calgary, AB) – Zenit Saint Petersburg (Russia) – 12.06 ppg

Chris McLaughlin (Oakville, ON) Gmunden – (Austria)– 11.62 ppg

Aaron Doornekamp (Napanee, ON) – Fraport Sky (Germany) – 10.63 ppg

Riley Barker  (Surrey, BC) – Svitavy (Czech) – 10.41 ppg



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