Day 2 Canada Basketball National Championships, Results & Leaders

Day 2 was definitely a better day for me as I was able to catch a couple of games around my work schedule.  And what was memorable for me was the Manitoba vs Ontario game.

Manitoba is a very well coached team and plays the game with such thoroughness, poise and intelligence.

MB hung around throughout but Ontario`s skill and athletic talent just wore them down.

rowan barrett jrOntario is solid throughout but my first live look at Rowan Barrett jr was an absolute pleasure; control, intelligence, skill and athletically ability allowed him to dictate the entire game. He displayed the perfect balance of getting his teammates involved and make timely shots when needed.

There were a number of exceptional plays by Barrett but the transition look away drop bounce pass with a forward spin that turned the defense and gave his teammate an almost empty gym layin showed an incredible feel for the game (yes you may need to read that again) and it was performed with such simplicity.

Ontario defeated Manitoba to obtain the #1 seed for the playoff round and the possibility of a Manitoba/Ontario Gold Medal game is very likely.

One thing for certain as a basketball nut, I saw enough hoops today to get me excited about the medal round for both age classes. The preliminaries are done and the intensity is going to rise, catch all the action at the Homberg Centre.

Watch U15 action online

Watch U17 action online

U15 Results

G7 Nova Scotia 76 Manitoba 65

G8 Ontario 68 Quebec 61

G9 Saskatche3wan 75 British Columbia 62

G10 New Brunswick 72 Alberta 56

Pts/Game                                    Asts/Game  

27.5 Alexander Dewar, SK           4.5 Noah Wharton, ON

19.5 Damion Squire, QC              4.5 Shawn Maranan, MB

19.0 Adam Lambert, NB               4.0 Avan Nava, ON

19.0 Mohamed Abukar, NS          4.0 Keyon Moore, AB

15.5 Alex Jap, AB                         3.5 Minwoo Park, NB


9.0 Harris Elezovic, QC

8.0 Christopher Ross, BC

8.0 Minwoo Park, NB

7.0 Jaden Badiako, ON

7.0 Jaxon Smith, NS

U17 Results

G7 Nova Scotia 106 New Brunswick 97 – OT

G8 Ontario 77 Manitoba 64

G9 Quebec 70 Saskatche3wan 63

G10 Newfoundland 64 British Columbia 54

Pts/Game                                    Asts/Game  

31.5 Nate Darling, NS                 7.5 Ben Hillis, SK

27.5 Rj Barrett, ON                      5.5 Jason Thompson, NL

24.0 James Wagner, ON             4.5 Lyeu Titarenko, NB

19.5 Lyeu Titarenko, NB              4.0 Jack Tilley, NB

19.5 Nathan Barker, NL               3.5 Bahaide Haidara, ON


13.5 Noah Charles, BC

9.5 Mason Foreman, MB

9.5 Nathan Barker, NL

9.0 Bankole Alade, AB

8.0 Nate Darling, NS


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