The 5 fastest Kids in the CYBL’s Bantam Division

With the CYBL Showdown session coming up at the end of March, a series of lists will be created highlighting the best young basketball players and their unique talents.

In this list, I am going to focus on one of the most important attributes in any competitive sport – speed.

We’ve all heard the saying “speed kills” and these top five racers are consistently able to leave their opponents in the dust.

Shemar Rathan-Mayes (CIA BOUNCE )


It probably would take anybody about two minutes to realize Shemar Rathan-Mayes is not only the fastest kid on his team, but on the court.

Rathan-Mayes bullets down the court and to his credit, he has turned this attribute into his number one weapon on both the offensive and defensive end of the basketball court.


Danzel Faraon (BAYAN)

At first glance Faraon doesn’t seem to have the jets to hang with the fast guards in the CYBL, but once you put the ball in this kids hands there is no stopping him.

A blend of quickness and speed has allowed Faraon to become a top player at his position, and the leader of a surprisingly dominant Bayan team.

Dominique Ramkinon (left) guards Danzel Faoron (right) as he takes it to the rim. | Courtesy: @RonnieMexx

Dominique Ramkinson (Mississauga Wolverines)

If you want that “stop on a dime and pull up,” type speed, Dominique Ramkinson is your man.

The Mississauga Wolverines guard has blazing speed along with solid footwork and a very fluid jumper.

Moving forward, he is a very interesting prospect to keep on your radar.

Coutesy: @RonnieMexx
Coutesy: @RonnieMexx

Nick Kwakumey (Vaughan Panthers)

Nick Kwakumey, or “Hoop-Dome Nick” as he is commonly referred to by his Vaughan teammates for his ability to play with the older heads at the Toronto community centre, has a lot of juice in the engine.

Nick’s biggest weapon is that he has great speed with or without the ball due to his sound ball handling, fluidity, and footwork.

Craft and speed…strong combination.


Jonathan Mulongo (OYBA)


Jonathan Mulongo is a diminutive lead guard from Ottawa who, along with brick like toughness, brings a speed burst that allows him to consistently get to the rim.

Mulongo has great open court speed and a fearlessness of going and attacking guys that are twice, or sometimes, three times his size.

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