The Slate – February 24

We have a nice set of games tonight that feature names like Tristan Thompson, Olivier Hanlan, Duane Notice and a battle in the D-League that has Sim Bhullar and Reno in Sioux Falls to face Khem Birch here in The Slate …

Aylmer, PQ's Olivier Hanlan. (PHOTO: Angela Rowlings, Boston Herald)
Aylmer, PQ’s Olivier Hanlan. (PHOTO: Angela Rowlings, Boston Herald)

* All times are in EST unless otherwise stated. * 



7:30pm Cleveland @ Detroit

8:30pm Toronto @ Dallas



NBL Canada

6:00pm London @ Moncton




8:00pm Reno @ Sioux Falls



NC-Double-Eh Men

7:00pm Western Michigan @ Ball St

7:00pm Akron @ Buffalo

7:00pm Bowling Green @ Ohio

7:00pm LSU @ Auburn

7:00pm South Carolina @ Alabama

7:00pm Providence @ Villanova

8:00pm McNeese St @ Central Arkansas

8:00pm Niagara @ Canisius

9:00pm Boston College @ Pittsburgh

9:00pm Florida @ Missouri



NC-Double-Eh Women

5:00pm Niagara @ Canisius

7:00pm Quinnipiac @ Manhattan

8:00pm Tulsa @ Memphis

9:00pm Minnesota @ Nebraska


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