Sun Youth Tournament Draw Released!

The Sun Youth Holiday Classic is only a few days away, and the draw has now been released for the 12-team tournament in Montreal, Quebec.

It will feature teams from Quebec, Ontario and New York at various levels.

Tony House, a 1983 alumni of the Sun Youth Holiday Classic, will be coaching a talented Ottawa Guardsmen squad, featuring Eddie Ekiyor, Maxime Boursiquot, Yasiin Joseph, and Josh Koulamallah.

House spoke on his experience playing at Sun Youth, “It was a packed gym, its like a shoebox…lots of character and’s wild.”

“They’ve had some great players and’s a thrill.”

Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar
Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar

Sun Youth Schedule

GROUP A                  GROUP B  GROUP C    GROUP D
Redemption John Abbott Team Force Thetford
Sunyouth Henri Bourassa Stanstead Select Vaughan
Ottawa Next Level BTB Prep Vanier Ottawa Guardsman


Thursday December 18th

Game# Time Home Away
Gm#1 17:30 John Abbott Henri Bourassa
Gm#2 19:15 Sun Youth Ottawa Next Level
Gm#3 21:00 Stanstead Select Vanier


Friday December 19th

Gm#4 15:00 Redemption Ottawa Next Level
Gm#5 17:00 Vanier Team Force
Gm#6 19:00 BTB Prep John Abbott
Gm#7 21:00 Thetford Vaughan


Saturday December 20th

Gm#8 09:00 BTB Prep Henri Bourassa
Gm#9 10:45 Vaughan Ottawa Guardsman
Gm#10 12:30 SunYouth Redemption
Gm#11 14:15 Ottawa Guardsman Thetford
Gm#12 16:00 Team Force Stanstead Select
Gm#13 17:45 1st C 1st D
Gm#14 19:30 2nd C 2nd D
Gm#15 21:15 1st A 1st B


Sunday December 21st

Gm#16 08:00 3rd C 3rd D
Gm#17 09:45 2nd A 2nd B
Gm#18 11:30 3rd A 3rd B
Gm#19 13:15 Winner Gm#14 Winner Gm#17 Consolation
Gm#20 15:00 Winner Gm#13 Winner Gm#15 Championship

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