Tariq’s Tidbits — Thetford Invitational

Thetford Squad

Thetford Mines.

Thetford What? — Our initial thoughts as the North Pole Hoops team hit the road for the first official road trip of the 2014-2015 season.

We knew Thetford College was in a small town in Quebec, Northeast of Montreal, and that there was Canadian basketball action taking place.

That was enough for us.

Borys Minger throwing down alley-oop
Borys Minger throwing down alley-oop

Following a weekend of evaluations, we jumped back on the road for our 9-hour trip back to Toronto, but not without learning more about prospects in attendance at the Thetford Invitational, while also becoming famiiar with the support that Thetford has for their school teams.

“We are a small town but we have a history of supporting team sports,” said Thetford CEGEP athletic director Alain Rajotte.

“It’s been the talk of the town that we had this tournament, as we saw people walk through our doors that never came to our games, but are now curious to check it out,” continued Rajotte.

Thetford also has a well supported football and hockey program, with players attending from all over the province, as well as Ottawa and international students from France.

Rajotte spoke on Thetford’s off-court academic resources for their student-athletes, explaining that Thetford is #3 in Quebec in terms of graduation rates.

As for on the court, Thetford Prep claimed the inaugural Thetford Invitational title, in convincing fashion over Thetford Filons Collégial 102-67.

Joel Tshimanga lead the way with a game-high 28 points. Kasey Buzas added 21 points, while Levi Londole and Vladimir Thomas chipped in with 16 and 13 respectively.

Tariq’s Tidbits

My top 5 players from the weekend:

  • Joel Tshimanga | 2015 | 6’7 | SF | Thetford Prep– there wasn’t a worthy match up for Tshimanga all weekend, and the 6’7 SF took advantage finishing inside and out, averaging around 20 PPG. Very interested to continue tracking him throughout the season where he will be tested due to a strong Thetford schedule with games in both Canada and America.
  • Miles SewardMiles Seward | 2015 | 6’1 | G | Athlete Institute – Seward is a smooth operator who will flourish this season as AI Head Coach Brandon Lesovsky will provide ample opportunity to play both on, and off the ball.
  • Alain Louis | 2017 | 6’0 | PG | Thetford HS – We featured him recently, and for good reason. Louis is a flat out playmaker with a tremendous feel for the game.
  • Osayande Omoregie | 2015 | 6’4 | W | Athlete Institute – Here is a freak athlete who had a very solid weekend, producing on the wing. There is great room for growth and Omoregie is showing good signs early.
  • Borys Minger | 2016 | 6’2 | G | Thetford HS – A silent assassin, this new prospect carries himself with a low-key demeanour but gets the job done.


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