NPH Top 25 Player Rankings – Farewell to the Class of 2013

A lot has changed over the year as far as the Canadian class of 2013 is concerned. For starters, Andrew Wiggins reclassified to 2013 last fall, and will begin his college career at Kansas in November, along with a few other names that elected to move on to university.

Duane Notice (currently in Prague for world championships) just continues to impress; it looks like his game is as complete as it’s ever been. He will provide immediate impact for Frank Martin and SC, and in the meantime help Canada bring back some hardware.

There are a couple of new names that will be heading to junior college next season that could not be ignored, and have made a major splash into the NPH Top 25.

It has been a pleasure tracking the class of 2013, and it will be interesting to continue witnessing these prospects [both in Top25 and others] blossom and mature; some into professional basketball players, others with solid contributing university careers.


The ‘New guys’


kassius Robertson is one of the most improved in class of 2013
kassius Robertson is one of the most improved in class of 2013

In the fall of 2012, Wiggins decided to reclassify from 2014, and as soon as he did, he was instantly moved to #1 in 2013. Not much to debate here.

Jaksic shocked a lot of people when he recently reclassified and committed to D1 newcomer Grand Canyon University, despite being recruited at the high major level. He will take a red shirt year an aim to continue shocking people in the 2014-2015 season.

Robertson is arguably the most improved player that we’ve seen over the past year, as he has increased his assertiveness, improved athleticism and simply put, was extremely consistent for Thornlea. The Canisius commit will enter his NCAA career with opportunity to earn minutes, while continuing to develop.

Another player that reclassified to 2013, and is expected to be at Fresno State. Owootoah is extremely quick with advanced vision and passing ability, usually recognizing plays before they develop. At times, he is too quick for himself, however when he learns to control his speed, and limit turnovers, he will take his game to new heights.

Stone is a long and athletic body with great anticipation, making him one of the best shot blockers in this class. Stone had a strong but short season with Eastern Commerce (due to public school ‘work to rule’) but displayed glimpses of a versatile skill set. Stone could surprise some people next season as he is a virtual unknown State side.


Stock Risers

Following four years at St Mikes, Notice had a strong post-grad year with St Thomas More of a strong NEPSAC [New Lengland Prepetory School Athletic Council] league in Connecticut. Every time we’ve watched the South Carolina commit, he’s produced while displaying steady improvement in his weaknesses. Elias Sbiet caught him south of the border at the National Prep Showcase in November, where was among the top performers at the tournament. The 6’3 guard followed up with an NPH Platform MVP performance in December featuring many of the top Canadian prospects in the class of 2013, including MiKyle McIntosh, Donnovan Hastings, Troy Reid-Knight, Trevon McNeil and more. Finally, Notice is coming off another high level performance at the Red & White game, which was essentially a public national team try out. He was arguably the most valuable player on the floor. Notice has proven his worth time and time again on the big stages throughout his entire HS career; every sign pointing to continued success as a Gamecock.

Remember Daniel Mullings out of high school? An explosive slasher with freak athleticism, yet no major buzz accompanied his talent. Mullings of course, moved forward to New Mexico State, where he is currently entering his junior season and fresh off an international tournament with the development national team. Matthew Taylor follows a similar path into NMSU and has distinguished himself every time he is in the gym among the top prospects; catching lobs, running the wing and slashing down the lane, finishing with authority. As he continues to add to his skill set, Taylor has the potential to further mimic Mullings success, in his own way.


Double Up


Chris Boucher DP
Chris Boucher is a big time prospect that you will hear a lot about in the near future

What a dynamic duo; 6’10 C Chris Boucher and 6’3 PG Nicky Desilien of Alma, make a potent inside-outside combination. Both are big time prospects that could be among the top five in this class. Yes, a HUGE statement, but one that we are confident in. Boucher possesses a wing span of 7’2, and has the shot blocking ability reminiscent of a young Khem Birch, thanks to his length and instincts. In addition, he possesses a viable mid-range game and is a strong rebounder. As for Desilien, he is what you call a total package PG, a rare find on the high school scene; shoots, passes and penetrates with efficiency, great size for position and superb athleticism. Why are they not in the top 5? In the NPH National Player rankings, academics matter. This two-headed monster enters New Mexico Junior College…keep tabs.


CIS Representation


Trevon McNeil is the lone CIS commit in the NPH Top 25. Last year, coach Amos Connolly and McMaster were able to secure their prized recruit in Rohan Boney. This upcoming season, McNeil spearheads another strong Marauder recruiting class. Armed with the smoothest pull up jumper in the country, the Holy Trinity grad will look to light up the OUA.

NPH Top 25 Player Rankings


1. Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins SG
2. Tyler Ennis Tyler Ennis PG
3. Duane Notice Duane Notice SG
4. Xavier Rathan-Mayes Xavier Rathan-Mayes SG
5. MiKyle McIntosh MiKyle McIntosh  W
6. Chris Boucher Chris Boucher  C
7. Miroslav Jaksic Miroslav Jaksic C-F
8. Donnovan Hastings Donnovan Hastings SG
9. Denzell Taylor Denzell Taylor PF
10. Nick Madray Nick Madray  F
11. Nicky Desilien Nicky Desilien PG
12. Malcolm Duvivier Malcolm Duvivier PG
13. Isaiah Watkins Isaiah Watkins  F
14. Tevin Findlay Tevin Findlay PG
15. Matthew Atewe Matthew Atewe PF
16. Mychal Mulder Mychal Mulder  W
17. Trevon McNeil Trevon McNeil PG
18. Kassius Robertson Kassius Robertson SG
19. Troy Reid-Knight Troy Reid-Knight PG
20. Emmanuel Owootoah Emmanuel Owootoah PG
21. Jayde Dawson Jayde Dawson PG
22. Matthew Taylor Matthew Taylor SF
23. Marko Pirovic Marko Pirovic PF
24. Alex Hart Alex Hart C
25. Tyler Stone Tyler Stone  F

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