Kevin Thomas Mentally Tough, Ready for The Next Level

Pickering's Kevin Thomas Ready to Take the Next Step
Pickering’s Kevin Thomas Ready to Take the Next Step | Courtesy: Paulie Litt

It’s been over two years since I last saw Kevin Thomas (Pickering, Ontario) in a live game. And if you’re wondering what the former Texas commit has been doing since high school, he’s been growing and maturing on and off the floor.

A six-foot-eight skilled, but timid young boy has now grown into a well spoken, confident young man. Following a 29-3 record at Palm Beach State Junior College, where he averaged a near double-double (9.2 PPG, 9.1 RPG) on 56% from the field, Thomas is now ready for the next level. 

When asked about his growth, it became clear that KT has learned a great deal in the last two years .

“Most definitely…I definitely matured and grew mentally; I’m more intellectual about the game,” Thomas told NPH. “I was fortunate to have a lot of great mentors at Palm Beach State expose things to me that I was blind to at first.”

Thomas was the captain for his Panthers team this year, a responsibility he welcomed with open arms and was ready for.

“I’ve learned how to help team mates, how to be a better leader and set the example,” he said. “I’m thankful that I came to a junior college like Palm Beach State.”

The former Pickering Trojan was NPH #3-ranked high school prospect in the class of 2011, behind Myck Kabongo and Khem Birch. Kabongo has recently declared for the NBA draft, while Birch will be a focal point for the UNLV Running Rebels next season.

So what’s next for Thomas?

He has a long list of schools pursuing him from the mid to high major levels, and made it clear that he wants to enter his junior year and be a big part of his future program.

“I’m looking for the right style of of play; a team that likes to run up and down.”

He also professed his desire to play the three spot due to his versatility and slashing ability from the wing.

“I can be the aggressor, the guy that attacks and brings the energy. I’m not afraid to do the dirty work…Whatever needs to be done, I’ll do it.”

Thomas told NPH that he has trimmed down his list to four schools: St Bonaventure, North Texas, Troy, Western Kentucky and is leaning towards Troy at this point. He is expected to take visits within the next two weeks.

Other programs that have been recruiting Thomas include Minnesota, Kansas State, Memphis and Georgia.

Canadians Nick Wiggins and Chadrack Lufile, who were at a junior college last year, made it to the NCAA Final Four this season and shocked America with Wichita State.

Thomas has been watching the Canadians in the NCAA from a distance and cheering them on, while preparing for the next step.

“It’s great to hear, watch and be a part of it. I’m very happy and proud of my country…we’ve come a long way,” explained Thomas, understanding it’s now his turn to make some noise.

“I’m very excited, patiently waiting for two years after being declined at the clearing house. This is something every player wants to do, make it to the division one level.”

“I’m anxious and thankful that God has carried me through and provided me with the resources to be successful.”



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