NPH CIS Top 50 National Player Rankings: Warren Ward Climbs, Thomas Scrubb Makes Splash!


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Edition number two of the #NPHTop50 CIS National Player Rankings is back with a vengeance. The first release stirred up the pot as we received great feed back from around the country; the good, the bad and the ugly.

As we continue to monitor action from across the league, certain players continued to shine while carrying their teams through the season, and some to the Final 8 AKA CIS Nationals, which kicks of tomorrow in Ottawa!

One player headlining this release is Thomas Scrubb; yes Thomas, not Phil. The elder in the family has steadily produced in the background behind younger brother, who was recently named CIS player of the year for the second time.



While Phil (NPH #1) is deserving of his accolades, Thomas deserves more credit than he’s used to, and as a result has made a major splash into the Top 10, after picking up his game in the second half of the season.

Thomas is averaging 12.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, 2.9 assists on 47% from the field for Carleton, the #1 team in the country. Here is where it gets better; Tommy guards the oppositions best player game in and game out, received OUA-East defensive player on the year, and most recently earned OUA Wilson Cup MVP.

Warren Ward of the Ottawa Gee-Gees put on a show in the Wilson Cup, averaging 26.5 points, 9 rebounds and 4.5 assists while spearheading a comeback against Carleton that nearly sent the two teams back to overtime. Ward displayed great passing ability and has proven to be the best shooting guard in the country.

Mike Andrews of Bishops has jumped up considerably (47 to 18) with consistent play throughout the year averaging 15.3 points and 6.4 rebounds while earning RSEQ MVP and conference defensive player of the year.

Derek Waldner (Lethrbidge) has been a monster all season long. Despite a mediocre season for his team, we cannot deny the fact that Waldner lead the nation in rebounding, while also averaging a double-double of 17.6 points and 11.5 rebounds per game on 54% from the field!

As you can see, in this edition of the NPHTop50 there is no shortage of movement.

Seven players in the Top 10 will be at nationals and some will lock up in head-to-head match ups…stay tuned for the Post-Nationals edition of the NPHTop50. When all the dust settles, who will be at the top?

NPH CIS Top 50 National Player Rankings

1. Philip Scrubb Philip Scrubb 6’3 PG Carleton
2. Jimmy Dorsey Jimmy Dorsey 6’2 PG Cape Breton
3. Warren Ward Warren Ward 6’5 SG Ottawa
4. Tyson Hinz Tyson Hinz 6’7 PF Carleton
5. Owen Klassen Owen Klassen 6’10 PF Acadia
6. Doug Plumb Doug Plumb 6’4 SG UBC
7. Maxwell Allin Maxwell Allin 6-4 SG Laurier
8. Lien Phillip Lien Phillip 6’8 PF Windsor
9. Stephon Lamar Stephon Lamar 6’0 PG Sask.
10. Thomas Scrubb Thomas Scrubb 6’5 SF Carleton
11. Jahmal Jones Jahmal Jones 6’0 PG Ryerson
12. Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson 5’9 PG Calgary
13. Johnny Berhanemeskel Johnny Berhanemeskel 6’2 PG Ottawa
14. Aaron Best Aaron Best 6’5 SG Ryerson
15. Jordan Baker Jordan Baker 6’7 SG Alberta
16. Sam Freeman Sam Freeman 6’3 SG Fraser Valley
17. Jeremy Dunn Jeremy Dunn 6’5 SF St. FX
18. Mike Andrews Mike Andrews 6’10 C Bishops
19. Adrian Hynes-Guery Adrian Hynes-Guery 6’3 PG McGill
20. Andrew Cunningham Andrew Cunningham 5’11 PG Winnipeg
21. Shaq Keith Shaq Keith 6’5 SG Cape Breton
22. Alex Ratte Alex Ratte 6’2 SG Laurentian
23. Thijin Moses Thijin Moses 6’7 SF Calgary
24. Mark Perrin Mark Perrin 6’1 PG TWU
25. Kyle Grewal Kyle Grewal 6’6 PF Fraser Valley
26. Brylle Kamen Brylle Kamen 6’7 PF UBC
27. Manny Pasquale Manny Pasquale 6’0 PG Laurentian
28. Matt Forbes Matt Forbes 6’6 PF Sask.
29. Chris McLaughlin Chris McLaughlin 6’10 C Victoria
30. Anthony Ashe Anthony Ashe 6’4 SG Acadia (AUS)
31. Kevon Parchment Kevon Parchment 6’3 SG Fraser Valley
32. Ryan Thomson Ryan Thomson 6’6 PF Lakehead
33. Evens Laroche Evens Laroche 6’4 SG Concordia
34. Terrell Evans Terrell Evans 6’4 SG Victoria
35. Derek Waldner Derek Waldner 6’7 PF Lethbridge
36. David Tyndale David Tyndale 5’11 PG York
37. Jameson Tipping Jameson Tipping 6’7 SG Brock
38. Kenny Otieno Kenny Otieno 6’2 SG Alberta
39. Greg Faulkner Greg Faulkner 6’5 SF Queens
40. Greg Carter Greg Carter 5’9 PG Lakehead
41. David Wagner David Wagner 6’8 PF UBC
42. Clinton Springer-Williams Clinton Springer-Williams 6’4 SG Carleton
43. Stephan Walton Stephan Walton 5’10 PG Manitoba
44. Ben Baker Ben Baker 6’3 SG Sask. (CANWEST)
45. Harry Ezenibe Harry Ezenibe 6’4 SF Saint Mary’s
46. Josh Collins Josh Collins 6’1 PG Windsor
47. Deontay Smith Deontay Smith 6’0   G UPEI
48. Will McFee Will McFee  6’3  SG New Brunswick
49. Meshack Lufile Meshack Lufile 6’8 PF Cape Breton
50. Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue  6’6  PF Ottawa

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