Hang Time Tournament Hosts Top Talent in Quebec, Opens Summer With a Bang!

MONTREAL,QC–Coming off the 15-year anniversary in early June, The Hang Time tournament has been established as one of the biggest basketball platforms in Quebec for players of all ages (U14- U40).

Founded by Dexter John of DJ Sports, The Hang Time tournament serves as a great tip-off event for summer basketball where teams are able to use their competition as a measuring stick in preparation for the AAU circuit.

This year, the following teams took home the 2012 Hang Time championships!

  • Sun Youth (U14)
  • QC United (U15)
  • La Salle (U18)
  • Brookwood Elite (U22)
La Salle U18 Hang Time Champions

Players that impressed and currently on the NPH National Radar are as follows:


  • Gilda Mulenda (QC United)
  • Quesly Noresias (QC United)
  • Christopher  Pierre (CBMN North Stars)
  • Mamadou Gueye (Brookwood Elite)
  • Greish Handy (Brookwood Elite)
  • Johnny Veronne (Brookwood Elite)
  • Nolan Woodward (Brookwood Elite)
  • Fred Duré (Brookwood Elite)
  • Yoann Folquet (QC United)
  • Rudolphe Joly (QC United)
  • Link Kabadyundi (QC United)
  • Nemanja Zarkovic (Brookwood Elite)
  • Nicky Desilien (QC United)
  • Cédric Sanogo (Brookwood Elite)
  • Tevon Walker (Brookwood Elite)
  • Kevin Mirindi (QC United)
  • Charles André Edorh (QC United)
  • Richard Henrique (QC United)



  • Samy Désir (La Salle)
  • Fritz Lucin (La Salle)
  • JJ Hamel (Brookwood Elite)
  • Richardson Maître (Brookwood Elite)
  • Javon Joseph (Brookwood Elite)


  • Jordy- Lacroix Idikayi (QC United)
  • Reshawn Clyne (Ravens)
  • Henry Shamal (Ravens)
  • Rasheed Oliver(Brookwood Bullets)
  • Kendrick Jolin (Brookwood Elite)
  • Ethan Gabert -Doyon (QC United)
  • Adam Pace (QC United)
QC United
QC United, U15 Hang Time Champions

For more information, please contact:

Maria C. Brown, Event Director

Hang Time



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