TORONTO, ON–It’s always an exciting feeling walking into the gym to see players who are anxious to go hard at their fellow prospects. The first of two days at the Phase 1 Prospect camp at Seneca College was refreshing as I had a chance to see players that I haven’t seen play in the past few months. The intensity level was very high and certain players have made major improvements in their overall game and physique.

A few of the higher profile guys such as Henry Tan, Petar Rusic and Agunwa Okolie who were not in attendance on day 1 are expected to make it out today. This will only raise the level of competition and force everyone to turn it up a few notches, from where Kaza Keane, of the Grassroots Canada program, already had set them.

2011 & 2012

Juwon Ogunnaike-Grannum, Jalyn Pennie, Myles Charvis, Tre Smith, Tramique Sutherland and Johneil Simpson, some of which are 2011’s and others 2012’s, are looking to lay it all on the hardwood as they know that it is time to seriously impact the game if they are to receive offers from post-secondary programs. Player evaluations on these athletes will be available shortly after day 2 wraps up. 

2013 – Showing most improvements

One player that has showed tremendous improvements in his footspeed, pass ability and court vision is James Agyeman, who played for Etobicoke in this year’s Ontario Cup. Unfortunately, his team was eliminated in the semi-finals, however Agyeman shows great leadership abilities by being vocal and being patient when the ball is in his hands. Of the guards in his class (2013) he is one of the more well rounded players.

2014 & 2015

There is such an abundance of talent at this age group which is yet to be exposed. Besides the obvious, who are Jamar Ergas and Anthony Pate, names will not be mentioned until player evaluations have been compiled after further assessment.

There are several more prospects to add to this list which NPH will reveal within the next few days. Stay tuned for NPH player evaluations.


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