Manitoba was a true fountain of youth as more than 30 highschool freshmen and middle school basketball players came into the University of Winnipeg this past week for the Manitoba NPH Showcase.

With the new addition of North Star Prep into the National Prep Association, it is evident that the game of basketball continues to spread throughout the province of Manitoba, with an appetite for high level hoops. Here are some of the middle school standouts

Manitoba Middle School Prospects

2024 Giovanni Ajiamah was a top producer in the middle school division as this 5’11 swingman did it all throughout camp. Through his high motor and good communication skills, Ajiamah added a displayed a nice touch around the rim, a good jump shot and feel for the game.

2024 Kal-El Alejo was also a very solid player as his speed, handle and change of pace made him difficult to cover. A small guard with good overall length, uses his touch with length for quick finishes in the lane around size. Creative playmaker that uses good fakes and makes plays after penetration.

2024 Diego Presingular stood out as one of the stronger more physical point guards at camp. At 5’5, Presingular had a good mix of speed and strength with quick separating moves on the perimeter. Deceptive in the paint with good fakes, patience around traffic, and soft touch off the window.

2024 Travis Leboutiller was the knock down shooter of the weekend with a quick trigger and three point range. Leboutiller has a high motor with high intensity and effort on the defense end.

Girls Manitoba Showcase via Micaella Riche

The first ever NPH Manitoba Girls Showcase confirmed to me (yet again) that there is no shortage of ballers in the 2022 class. Throughout the summer, I’ve witnessed an abundance of talent, length, and athleticism from the incoming high school freshman class in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

After this first camp of the NPH Western Canada Tour, I can confidently state that 2022 5’5 PG Treyah Paquette ranks with the other prospects in her class that I’ve seen thus far. Trey’s fundamentals are sound and efficient, her footwork is clean and her production is consistent. She handles the ball with authority and she makes the players around her better. Crafty scoring PG who can get to the rim to score or distribute off the bounce and in traffic, or pull up for the midrange jumper. She moves well off the ball and her feet are set, her trigger is quick and she is shot ready on the 3 range. What earned this baller NPH Showcase MVP was her sense of urgency, initiative and pride in her game and on defense. She was vocal, coachable, and I look forward to following her progress in the upcoming years.

2020 5’2 PG Gracie Batongbakal didn’t let her size limit her production. Her shot is crisp, her release is quick and her game is smooth. She knocks it down from the arc and pulls up on a dime midrange. She has the ball on a string and understands change of speed and direction to beat her opponent and pick apart the defense for distribution or buckets.

Manitoba was an excellent beginning to the Western Canada Tour; the Prairies have some ballers and I’m looking forward to next up Saskatchewan!

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Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.


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  1. Hello Nik Zefi,

    My club team, Manitoba Magic, is hosting a Season Opener Basketball Tournament here in Winnipeg on Oct 5-7th weekend. This is considered the biggest tournament in Winnipeg and will host as many as 90 teams combined in both male and female divisions from grade 5-12.
    Would NPH be interested in covering or tracking our event somehow? We are partnering up with PegCity who will be keeping track of our stats and scores and advertising it through their own database and website. Or maybe you may have some ideas of your own to help promote one another if you are at all interested.

    Please let me know either way as we are looking to grow and promote the sport of basketball.

    Best regards,
    Arsenio dela Cruz

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