2023 G Ella Descoteau; Building good habits early on

2023 5’8 G Ella Descoteau
Brentwood College, British Columbia

I have a soft spot in my heart for young players that are excelling both on the court and in the classroom.  Luckily Canada has many of those type of young players and Ella Descoteau is one of them!  During the summer of 2018, Ellas was selected to attend the BC Futures Camp, earned a Bronze Medal at the 2018 BC Summer Games, and was a 3rd place finalist and Player of the Game recipient at the BballNationals.
She is currently a straight-A student and starter for the Brentwood College JV team; averaging 15-points in 26-minutes per game. Already a good finisher at the rim, Ella’s goals are to improve her ball-handling skills and her craftiness under the hoop.
“I also want to increase my basketball IQ and continue to be a leader for my Brentwood Junior Varsity team. I want to increase my shooting percentage and become increasingly consistent.”
– Ella Descoteau, Brentwood College Guard
Still just in 8th grade Ella continues to set lofty goals including being selected for the 2019 Vancouver Island Regional Team, the 2020 North American Indigenous Game as well as the 2020 U15 Basketball BC Team. She is now playing with BC United and will be attending the Jr. NBA Championships. Off the court, Ella is focused on her fitness and conditioning, as well as proper nutrition and fueling her body for optimal performance.

Building Habits

The value of building good life habits at a young age is invaluable in the growth and development of athletes.
“Adolescence is the major growth time for everybody, but boys and girls participating in organized sports are depleting their bodies of energy and proteins and carbohydrates while their bodies are trying to grow, so it’s kind of a double whammy for them. That’s why we stress to high school athletes that they need to eat properly, stay hydrated and get enough sleep to keep up with what their bodies need. If they don’t, their body is going to fall behind and they won’t be able to perform at their best.”
– Christopher Ina, Athletic Training Coordinator at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Proper nutrition and sleep are invaluable to the physical growth and cognitive development of young athletes. Here are 23 high-protein breakfasts you can make in 5 minutes or less!

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