Stock Risers – NPA Session 2 Hafith Moalin, Khalid Ismail, Kellen Tynes and More

In the stock market, when there is steady growth over time this is usually a positive sign, and when it comes to player stock we can say the same. A gradual incline in the development of the players in the NPA is clear in the second session of league. Multiple prospects have earned new interest from post-secondary programs on both sides of the border and a few have received scholarship offers.

Two Crestwood Lions, 2019 Jahcobi Neath and teammate, 2018 Franco Miller, received NCAA offers from Canisius and St. Bonaventure respectively.

Canisius was one of the schools in attendance and has been making waves in Canadian recruiting for some time. Most recently, Kassius Robertson, finished four years and had an outstanding career before going on to pursue a post-grad degree and play at Missouri this season.

Franco Miller was offered by Canisius shortly after this game was played.

Like many others, St. Bonaventure watched online after having multiple in person evaluations on Miller. He was stellar in all Crestwood games and sealed the deal with this new offer.

The household name of AJ Lawson appears even in a stock riser article. You may ask, how can the number one player in the class still be rising? Are they boosting? Why is this prospect being over publicised?

Lawson is taking things to another level mentally. He has tapped into an area of his game that all great players really harness. The mental.

His game preparation, warmups and all other realms of getting in the right mindset are being tightened.

NBA scouts have been calling into to continue tracking and learning more about this climb that he is on. He is in the same conversation from a skill standpoint as Jamal Murray and Rowan Barrett Jr. The mental activation is just going to transcend things to another level.

Now, these are names whom most of the public, coaches and the industry are already familiar with. While their stock has gone up, so has that of several under the radar guys who have carved out some spotlight.

In an old fables like “The Tortoise and the Hare,” we all know that the Tortoise paces throughout the race and comes out on top. To the tortoise, the race was all about persistence and consistency. The players below have displayed that; allow me to introduce them.

Central Tech Standouts – Depth For Days

The Central Tech blues won the most anticipated game of the week as two undefeated teams, the Blues and defending champion, Canada Topflight went to battle.

They got it done without one of the league’s best point guards in Raheim Sullivan and one of the league’s top forwards in Matthew Daves.

Sullivan was averaging 19 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds and Daves 13 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists per contest coming into the session.

So where did the offensive output come from? Where did the defensive stops come from?

Graduating prospect, Khalid Ismail took full advantage of Sullivan being out of the lineup and seized the moment. This was his hottest shooting night of the season having ended the game with 30 points while he came into the event averaging just 2 points per game.

The skill level is there to run the point full time. In just one sitting, Algoma University saw a lot that they liked about Ismail and have added him to their recruiting depth chart.

On the defensive side of things, Nas Roberts was a one man swat team. The Central Tech guard skied high for blocks against opposing big men time and time again. There were also countless possessions where he got deflections to start the break in the open court.

While the University of Prince Edward Island was watching from home, they gathered their notes and were already well familiar with the Finch product from Toronto. UPEI offered Roberts although he is a 2019 graduate with one more season to go.

The upside on Roberts is tough to project considering his athleticism and length. Nonetheless, he is on and upward climb literally and figuratively.

Hafith Moalin Under the Radar

He recently earned a starting role for the team at GTA Prep. He’s a familiar face from watching him in a Mississauga Monarchs jersey. It doesn’t matter which uniform he puts on, he produces.

USports coaches that want a guy that can run your offense, be your primary ball handler, pressure your opposition, make outside shots, set up teammates…need I say more.

Moalin does everything that you would want out of a point guard. He is a prime example of the diamond in the rough and if it wasn’t for his underdeveloped frame he would have been projected an NCAA prospect.

Hafith Moalin was a pest all week defensively, leading to open court finishes for him and his teammates.

Kellen Tynes Climbing Into Top Guard Conversation

The advancements made this year by the young core have been significant. Most of the teams they’ve played are bigger and stronger physically, yet Rothesay has a tough exterior and even more rugged interior. The persona of the team compares to that of Central Tech. It’s starting to sound like a broken record, but so be it. These guys are simply tougher, made to last.

The leader on this team is a 2020 prospect from Nova Scotia, Kellen Tynes. He carried them to a 2-2 record for session number two in the NPA.

Ahead of schedule in his development; he is a visionary. Some of the reads and passes he makes are advanced and the placement of the ball to the intended receiver is right on the money. His outside shooting is much of the same, mechanically and accuracy, both checked off.

There’s more. He’s one of, if not the best, two way player in the country. An advanced next level skill set with the ability to lock up and defend ones and twos; whether picking pockets or anticipating in the passing lane, Tynes really get it done on defense.

Heavy value is placed on those that can defend while contributing in such a major way to his team. As a result he has recently moved up in the 2020 national Canadian player rankings.

Kur Jockuch Fresh On The Scene, Held In High Regard. Denzell Cummins Coming Clutch

Kur Jockuch is the biggest sleeper as a senior. He’s fresh on the scene and fairly new to high level competition.

His contributions to London Basketball Academy are noted by teammates and coaches alike. The 6’8 rim protector is truly scratching the surface in his potential. With a dangly wingspan and strong instincts, he takes advantage of his physicals and maximizes from this angle.

Denzell Cummins

The confidence in his skill set is really coming together and we’re convinced we will see an even more advanced version of Jockuch at National Championships in Toronto February 28 – March 4.

In the rebuild that’s happening at York University, Coach Nate Philippe is looking for specifics that can hold a strong foundation. Coach Philippe sees what he needs in Jockuch.

Brock University’s head Coach, Charles Kissi was also in attendance and has been tracking Jockuch for some time.


Denzell Cummings has been playing with a chip on his shoulder for years; it still remains there today to remind him of the constant grind.

He’s really excelled this year by making himself a knock down shooter from the perimeter and leading things at point guard. Cummings has become a late in the game hero, on several occasions.

He gives spurts of offensive outputs. In one game particularly he had 14 points in 1:30 of playing time.

As he continues to harness leadership skills, he is climbing the charts as a 2019 Canadian PG.

Brandon Muntu – Hidden Gem From Calgary, Alberta

We first spotted Brandon Muntu on the North Pole Hoops exposure circuit in Calgary, Alberta last summer. He stuck out like a sore thumb, even among sure shot NCAA prospects such as Emmanuel Kuac and Manyong Tong, among others. Meaning, Muntu is a definite NCAA prospect – what level in division one – to be determined.

Halifax Prep caught wind of this information and it was a wrap.

The 6’4 combo guard, Brandon Muntu was outstanding in Toronto with multiple 30+ point games under his belt. While being a flat out bucket getter, he’s unselfish and draws a double team before dishing to the open man.

NCAA interest is beginning to build from schools who wish to be unnamed at this time until they have seen more.

The young bucks in the National Preparatory Association stole the spotlight in the New Year challenge where the 2020 Canadian graduating class elevated their play and showed fans and coaches across North America what the future holds.

Anthony Bradshaw In Full Effect

The most effective prospect for B. E. A. S. T Prep is senior forward, Anthony Bradshaw, and he doesn’t get enough credit for it. From a contagious energy, to a hard nose style of play and compete level, he has been the spark plug for his team in many games.

The 6’7 forward has been housing the interior and having his way in the paint. He has really good hands to finish around the rim and slowly trimming at his body.

AUS basketball would be a good place for him to excel and play and immediate role. Right now it’s just Algoma University on the radar for schools recruiting Bradshaw.

Aleks Novicic Being Assertive

While there is still a ton of work to do here; Aleks Novicic is beginning to recognize what he means to St.John’s-Kilmarnock and how much they rely on him in the post. He’s 6’8 and has a wide frame. Novicic is an unmoveable piece when he wants to be, when he’s assertive and goes after every rebound and owns positioning in the paint.

There were glimpses of all this throughout last week, glimpses that need to turn into more consistent production.

The Kitchener, Ontario native has been on the radar for over three years. Novicic still has untapped potential that is beginning to surface.

The big man seems to play better when he plays with a controlled anger. When he’s being physical with opponents and making himself a real offensive option he flourishes.

Novicic even showed flashes of stepping out to the three point line and connecting from deep.

Look out for more on these guys an others from across Canada and those playing prep ball in the U. S. Recruiting updates and commitment can be found on the home screen at the section called Commitment Corner.

The most recent commitment are from Simi Shittu who committed to Vanderbilt and Montreal’s William Boyer-Richard who is inking his way to Western Michigan.


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