VIDEO: NBA drops Raptors Top 10 plays of the season

The NBA released the Toronto Raptors Top 10 Plays of the 2015-2016 season, and the four and a half minute video is sure to send shivers down any Raptors’ fans spines, as they reminisce on the all of the triumphs of the Raptors most successful season to date.

The plays themselves are a diverse group of electrifying dunks, alley-oops, game winning buzzer beaters, and is capped off by portrait master DeMar DeRozan posterizing Utah’s 7’1” Rudy Gobert. The elevation DeRozan gets in order to extend over the massive Frenchman is truly spectacular.

Another play worth nothing is Kyle Lowry’s game-tying half court buzzer beater against the Miami Heat while at home during their most recent playoff run.

After almost losing control and going out of bounds, Lowry re-adjusts himself, and after taking a step past half court, heaves up the most heavenly of shots, at which point in time the Angels themselves took over and guided the ball into the hoop. The bucket made believers of everyone witnessing those fateful last seconds of regulation, and despite taking a loss in overtime, the shot confirmed to Canadians that the Raptors were here to stay.

This video has me excited about what the Raptors have accomplished, in just a few short years Toronto has gone from irrelevant to a serious contender, and the future can only be bright for the young and hungry squad. I can’t wait to see what highlights next season has in store for fans.


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