Tom Thibodeau Named Wolves Coach and President


The Minnesota Timberwolves might have finally gotten the bite they need.

The Minnesota Timberwolves announced Wednesday that they will hire Tom Thibodeau their new coach and president. 

The deal is slated to be in the five-year, $35 million range.

Thibodeau, a defensive maestro, led the Chicago Bulls to a 394-225 record in his five seasons as head coach. In that stretch the bulls went to the conference finals three times, won 62 games, and Derrick Rose was named MVP.

Canadian Andrew Wiggins came off a great season where he averaged 20.7 PPG. KAT averaged 18.2 PPG with 10.4 rebounds.

The thought of those two along side Thibodeau will be interesting to keep tabs on for next season.

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