CYBL Session #4 Preview: Home Stretch

With the Bantam session of the CYBL coming to a close many teams will be looking to have a tough and competitive session before the Showdown (aka the playoffs) takes place in March.

Here are a couple things to look forward to as we enter Markham this weekend…

There are going to be some big time match-ups

The CYBL schedule is looking ripe this weekend as it has some highly ranked teams set for rematches.

Coming off a sensational, gym-packing game in Session 3, Burlington and Bayan will meet again.

Burlington will probably look to use their size inside this time around as they really deferred to the three point game last time out.

On the other side, coach Cedric Carter will look to keep the pressure and heat turned all the way up.

His kids like to pressure the ball thus creating deflections and chaos, which has been one of the weapons Bayan has used to claim many of their victories so far.

CIA Bounce and Vaughan will battle again, and if it is anything like the first time – prepare for an absolute treat.

Vaughan is the lone team at the CYBL that has only lost to CIA by single figures.

With the added continuity of two sessions under their belt, the Panthers are looking primed to ruin CIA’s perfect run.

However, coach Mackey’s kids will be prepared, as they always are, for the task at hand as they should now be well aware of the fact that they have a glaring red bulls eye on their backs.

Everyone is gunning for their number one spot

And the Award Goes To…

Which team at the CYBL can really lock you down?

Which team can really put up the points?

Who is the MVP so far?

These questions will be answered, with the help of a coach’s survey, after the fourth session is complete.

We will see who the coaches believe are the best heading into the Showdown.

Top Performers From Session 4

Most total points, threes, highest points per game, and best individual games will be recapped in week four.

So to all the gunslingers and scoring machines alike let it fly out there and let your #GameSpeaks

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