Jamal Murray Earns Respect in Toronto, CIA Bounce Capture U15 Jane & Finch Championship!

CIA Bounce captures Jane and Finch Championships
CIA Bounce captures Jane and Finch Championships

TORONTO,ON–Jamal Murray has officially earned his stripes. The 2016 6’3 PG lead CIA Bounce to a 79-52 victory over PHASE 1, while collecting MVP honours in the process. The young talent hails from Kitchener, however proved to the Toronto basketball community that he is the real deal.

Murray showed the total package, he did everything on the floor making it tough to spot a weakness in his game; good vision, polished offensive moves, athleticism, size for position, very good dribbling ability and the list goes on.

Jamal Murray NPH #2-ranked Canadian prospect in 2016

This was not the first time seeing Murray in action as we first discovered him at the Tri City Top 40 in June, where he immediately caught our attention and entered the NPH National rankings at #5 for 2016. Following his performance at the Jane & Finch tournament this past weekend, he has moved up the ladder, now ranked at #2 in the nation, behind only Justin Jackson.

Another prospect that really stood out was Jelani Mofford (2015 6’4  SF) who displayed his shooting ability from both mid-range and behind the arch. Mofford possesses great size, length and versatility making him an intriguing prospect to track, as he will be splashing into the NPH National rankings.

For PHASE 1, Kevin Hamlet (2016 6’5 F) was active on the glass and showed some good footwork. Another interesting prospect among many at the Jane and Finch tournament.

The event organizers did a great job of compiling the city’s elite talent with age groups starting at U13 all the way to men & women’s division.

However, in the U15 age group, the weekend belonged to Kitchener’s Jamal Murray who had fans, coaches and players  in awe as he hit defenders with step back jumpers, crossover pull ups and dropping kids like they’re on ice. Jamal Murray has cemented his name among the elite.

Enough said.

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