Felix Kossaras, Tristan Beckford, and Ali Sakho Lead FEIA at NPH Showcase

Written by NPH Scouting Correspondents Brandon Robinson and Carson Dejonge

This past weekend (June 10,11), basketball players from across the province put on a wonderful display of their skills and talents. They highlighted their abilities as shooters, scorers, defenders, facilitators, and much more as well. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these players and what they’ve done thus far at the NPH Showcase League. Enjoy!

2023 6’6 Forward Matt Iseloko, STAC Basketball

Iseloko is the definition of a hard worker. This prospect is always out-working others to rebound the ball with his hustle. Matt Iseloko had 33 points, 16 reb, 2 steals and 2 blocks in a 76 to 68 victory. Matt is a lengthy forward that is always getting his hands on defensive and offensive rebounds. Matt is also a pesky defender who does a great job of getting into passing lanes and deflecting passes. This prospect is athletic and can play above the rim as well. Matt can score from anywhere on the floor and brings so much to his team on both sides of the ball.

2023 6’4 Guard Raequan Pryce, TVBA

Pryce is an athletic guard who can finish in a variety of ways at the rim. This prospect does a great job of changing his speed when dribbling to throw off defenders. Raequan does a fantastic job of attacking the basket and isn’t afraid of any contact that comes. Raequan uses his tight handle to create space for himself to shoot the ball. This prospect is also always crashing the boards to give his team second chance opportunities as well as defensive rebounds.

2023 6’0 Guard Nick Galli, Stoney Creek NYB

Galli was all over the glass on the defensive side of the ball. This prospect is always hustling to get the ball and secure the possession for his team. Nick had 14 pts, and 5 rebs in a 63-51 victory. Nick can do it all on the basketball court. Nick is a straight shooter and has the ability to knock down clutch threes. Nick is also a great finisher at the rim as he can finish in a multitude of ways with either hand. This prospect works his butt off rebounding the ball and is always boxing out other players in order to get the ball.

2023 6’5 Guard Jahsemar Olembe, Supreme Hoops

Olembe has a tight handle, crashes the glass hard, and is a strong guard. Jahsemar had 27 pts, 6 Rebs, and 1 assist vs Blessed Elite. This prospect is a athletic strong guard who is always in attack mode and is tough to stop when he attacks the basket. He has great ball handling skills and uses his handle to create for himself. He can knock down shots off the dribble and off the catch.

2023 6’4 Guard Sameer Bardai, Blessed Elite

Bardai is a lengthy guard who is an absolute playmaker. This prospect has amazing court vision, sees things before they happen and is a talented rebounder. Sameer finished with 21 pts, 11 rebs, and 5 assists vs Burloak. Sameer’s greatest strength is his court vision and being able to set up his teammates with easy opportunities. He is always getting his hands on the ball when shots are missed in order to get out in transition quickly. Sameer can also play above the rim and puts on a show when on breakaways.

2023 6’1 Guard Mason Donaldson, Sauga Squad

Donaldson is a speedy guard who has a tight handle with the ball and is always moving to get scoring chances. Mason had 14 pts, 2 rebs, and 3 assists in a 67-57 W. This prospect has a quick first step and can get to the rim quickly. Mason is constantly looking to move the ball and help his team get the best shot possible. He is always communicating with his teammates on defense and offense to make sure they are on the same page.

2024 6’4 Guard Mazen Yagubi, Stoney Creek NYB

This prospect has a smooth form and hit a clutch game tying step back 3 this past weekend. Mazen finished with 31 pts, 4 reb, and shot (9/14) from 3. Mazen is a tall athletic guard who can hold his own on the defensive side of the ball. This prospect can shoot from anywhere on the floor and hit clutch shots for his team. This prospect is also not afraid to attack the rim and can finish in a variety of ways. Mazen is a skilled ball handler and can use a variety of moves to get past defenders. By

2024 6’5 Guard Felix Kossaras, Fort Erie

Kossaras is a playmaker and a talented rebounder. This prospect does a fantastic job of crashing the glass, then he has the mindset to make that pass to set up his teammates. This prospect is an elite shooter and can knock down shots even with tough defense. Felix can beat defenders off the dribble while also being able to create space for himself and hit mid range shots.

2024 6’5 Forward Elijah Edosa, NuStep

Edosa is an explosive forward with a quick first step.  He can get to the rim with ease and fights for rebounds. This prospect impresses me with his hustle and the fact that his motor never stops. Elijah uses both his handle and quick first step to get to the rim quickly before the defense sets. Elijah also never gives up on battling to get rebounds, and will dive on the floor to get the ball for his team. Elijah can score from anywhere on the floor and is always a threat when on the court. 

2024 5’11 Guard Isaac Lopez, Strive Hoops

Lopez is an impressive guard who can do it all. This prospect lights it up from behind the arc, has incredible court vision and constantly makes the right play. Isaac had 24 pts, 5 rebs, and 7 assists in a 72 to 57 win. This prospect’s greatest strength is that he is a lethal shooter and can heat up quickly. Isaac also has excellent court vision and can see things happen before the defense can react. He is also great at getting into position to get defensive rebounds to secure possesion for his team.

2024 6’6 Forward  Riley Stewart, Supreme Hoops

This prospect has elite touch around the rim and can hit shots from beyond the three point line. Riley finished with 24 pts, 9 Rebs, and 2 assists vs Blessed Elite. Riley is a very gifted rebounder and is always fighting to get position to get the rebounds. This prospect is always getting his hands on the ball around the rim and tips in lots of missed shots. This prospect does a great job of setting pics than rolling to the basket to get open and create opportunities to score. He is constantly moving to get open and provide his teammates with a person to pass too. He also has the ability to hit shots from the outside and forces defenders to defend him from the three point line.

2025 6’5 Guard Tristan Beckford, Fort Erie

This prospect is super athletic, speedy and creates highlight play after highlight play. Tristan is also a gifted rebounder and is always hustling to grab rebounds. This prospect is one of the bounciest players that I have ever watched. This prospect does an excellent job of getting up to grab rebounds and secure possession for his team. He is constantly putting pressure on the other team and forcing turnovers. Tristan can finish at the rim with ease; it comes natural for him. He is always in attack mode and when he doesn’t score he is looking to set up his teammates.

2023 6’7 Forward Ali Sakho, Fort Erie

Ali Sakho is a defensive anchor and power house in the paint. He uses his strong post scoring ability, welcoming defensive pressure to finish through contact. He is always battling in the paint and loves the responsibility of guarding the number one option. Sakho is vocal on both the new bringing the energy every game. He brings elite timing on defence and a non stop motor to win.

2025 6’7 Forward Imisi Motunde, Strive Hoops

Imisi is a player who derives his energy and passion from the game itself. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and is the go-to guy when his team needs a clutch bucket. As a true floor general, Imisi is highly vocal and constantly aware of his surroundings on both ends of the court. He has an exceptional ability to create his own shot, and his timing for blocks is unmatched. Watching Imisi play is always a treat, and there is no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him.

2023 6’4 Forward Lennon Campos, Burloak Elite

Recent Fanshawe College commit Lennon Campos is an above the rim athlete posterizing defence at will. He has great timing and composure making him a go to option in crunch time. Campos is very quick with the ball and has high level decision making skills. As a  strong shot creator with dedicated work ethic he is a definite threat for the future.

2023 6’2 Adam Eltom, STAC Basketball

Eltom is an explosive ball handler & streaky scorer. He is comfortable attacking the basket and can punish the defence from the 3-pointer. An elite 3-level scorer that always looks to take smart shots. He is dangerous when he gets hot and extremely efficient scorer overall. Adam sees the court well and is very patient on both ends.

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