Top Middle-school Prospects From Durham NPH Showcase

As the final stop of the NPH Showcase, the Durham region brought forth what was one of the top collection of talent seen within the entire circuit. Overall the camp can be characterized as extremely competitive and scrappy with hard nosed players that wanted to get after it on every possession.

2018 Durham Middle School NPH Showcase MVP

2024 Malachi Hartley – Guard – Northern Kings

The most fundamentally sound player at camp, whether it was scoring the ball, finding the open teammate or working off the ball Malachi Hartley stood out. Malachi was very mechanically sound on breakdown moves and counters with a series of spins, crossovers and euro steps his body control and deception made it able for him to convert at the rim while using either hand. The Northern Kings Hartley was extremely competitive on every drill and looks to be one of the top 2024s in this years crop.

2018 Durham Middle School Standouts

2024 Kymani Merraro – Point Guard – DCBA

Kymani had the ball on a string all weekend long, even dropping a defender on a one on one drill with a wicked pull back through the legs dribble. Merraro is extremely quick and shifty guard that doesn’t allow his lack of height to affect his game, he actually uses it to his advantage. Pesky on defence, Merraro showed his solid footwork and shooting stroke going to multiple zero side steps and step backs. The biggest attribute of his game was that he was a vocal leader and a coach on the floor, keeping everyone accountable. 

2024 DJ Burke – Guard – DCBA

One of the toughest and guttiest kid at camp, DJ was very physical and vocal on both ends of the floor. Whether it was locking up the opposing players or taking the ball to the defenders chest, Burke went through the two days with an extremely high compete level on every sprint, drill and game. Overall, DJ showed a good guard game, getting into the lane at will and showing good hang time on his attacks. As he continues to work on his jumper and decision making at times, DJ Burke is a guard we will be hearing from for years to come out of the Durham region. 

2025 Marcus Green – Forward – Markham Gators

Marcus Green is a lefty with solid touch on his jumper and post up moves. As of this summer, Green has really started to add a face up game to his arsenal. Also, Marcus is extremely nimble for his age and size; able to contort body and slip through cracks in the defence. Developing a solid handle and looking to continue to add to his passing ability, look out for this man amongst boys on the circuit. 

2024 Jah-Zi Brown – Guard – DCBA

Jah-Zi Brown‘s mechanics and fluidity with the ball is top notch, as he can be the most fluid ball handler in the entire class. Brown has multiple attack moves and counters, retreat dribbles and sees the floor extremely well. With his handle and vision at his size it makes him an elite guard, along with a good jumper. Plays with good poise, tempo and competive nature that translates to high levels. 

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