Jason Thom Announced as Lead Broadcaster, Senior Producer for National Prep Association


The National Prep Association (NPA) is proud to announce Jason Thom has been brought on as lead broadcaster & senior producer for the National Preparatory Association.

“I’m incredibly excited to be back as the NPA’s lead broadcaster and with an expanded role as Senior Producer I will be able to tell the stories of the league’s teams and players on a video platform as well. Whether it be on the mic, or behind the camera lens, I look forward to introducing the stars of tomorrow to the fans of the NPA around the world,” said Thom.

Thom brings with him a wealth of broadcasting and producing experience in the Canadian basketball scene over the last decade, having previously worked in the mainstream media (The Score / Sportsnet) and the brainchild of “Up Next”.

With NPH, Thom has thrived in his broadcasting role in the past including the CNIT in July where he was on the mic for the ‘game of the year.’

“Having called basketball games on national television broadcasts at both the USports and professional basketball level I will continue to bring professionalism to the high school realm.” Thom continued to say, “Online streaming is the mainstream medium for high school basketball in Canada, along with NPH production manager Mike Dotto working behind the scenes, we will strive to improve our broadcasts year by year, game by game. This will be my second season working alongside Elias Sbiet (broadcast partner & Director of Basketball Recruiting) and I think viewers will appreciate his expertise and our chemistry as a broadcast team.”

With the incredible strides Canada Basketball took this year, it has never been more important to spread the game to as Thom calls it “overlooked” parts of Canada. There’s top talent across the country ready to be seen and that is what Thom loves about the NPA.

“The most special thing about this league, is that we are bringing high level grassroots basketball into communities across Canada. Not only do players from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec and the Maritimes get to play on the same platform as Ontario-born players, we also get to grow the game in these often overlooked cities where talent is just waiting to be discovered,” said Thom.

With NPA Season Two approaching fast (Oct. 28), there’s a lot of storylines and added talent on every team. Thom is interested in seeing the top programs battling and seeing if CTA can defend their title.

AJ Lawson & Kaosi Ezeagu – GTA Prep

“Canada TopFlight Academy are the defending champs and return much of the same roster, but GTA Prep has loaded up on talent to play alongside one of the brightest stars in Canada in AJ Lawson. BC Christian Prep has a roster full of highly skilled international players. The Notre Dame Hounds have two of the most underrated players in the nation in Jashon Henry and Adefolarin Adetogun while LBA is one of the most well-coached teams I have seen at this level,” said Thom.

Season One proved to be a great success for the progress of Canadian Basketball and with the right pieces in place, Thom is “looking forward to being able to celebrate the diversity while continuing to build the brand of the National Preparatory Association.”  

NPA Season Two is just around the corner!

Season Two tips off on Oct. 28 with a massive East Coast battle between Rothesay Netherwood and new boys Halifax Prep at J.L. Ilsley High School in Halifax.

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