Wiggins brushes off low 2K rating

Despite some apparent disrespect towards Andrew Wiggins in the most recently leaked NBA 2K17 ratings, the third year Minnesota Timberwolves small forward seems completely unphazed by the low-ball rating in the latest version of the game.

Although the game is a month away from release, the ratings have begun to leak online, and Wiggins landed with an 82 rating overall.

At 82, Wiggins sits behind the likes of teammate Karl Anthony Towns, as well as Andrew Drummond, Isiah Thomas, Mike Conley, Hassan Whiteside and C.J. McCollum.

The former Rookie of the Year doesn’t seem to be upset about the disrespect from the 2K rating, which is commendable considering some NBA players take these ratings seriously.

For the Toronto Raptors, only a few players rating have reportedly leaked, with DeMar DeRozan pulling in a 87, Kyle Lowry landing at 86, and Jonas Valanciunas coming in at 82.

As is the case with all ratings systems for video games, there is always the possibility that the numbers will be tweaked before the game even releases, and even get boosts or cuts during the year depending on performance.

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