Announcement: Gatorade will be OFFICIAL FUEL for Toronto NPH Showcase

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North Pole Hoops is proud to welcome Gatorade as the official FUEL for the Toronto #NPHShowcase June 17-19.

We are excited to announce Gatorade as a partner in the development of Canadian Basketball.

Showcase attendees will learn from educational seminars on Sports Science and nutrition provided by Gatorade.

Gatorade has been on the sidelines playing an integral role in sport’s greatest moments for over 50 years, and now Gatorade will be there again witnessing the growth and development of Canadian ballers that will make their mark on the game in the years to come. 

Gatorade is driven to help grow the game of basketball in Canada, and we are both excited to come together at the NPH Showcase in Toronto to help fuel the next generation of athletes. 

Both Gatorade and North Pole Hoops share the same objective of growing the game in Canada and doing it the right way.

North Pole Hoops is a leader in the Canadian basketball community and is focused on maximizing the potential of athletes, Gatorade shares this vision and is dedicated to fueling athletes with world-class products designed to maximize athletic performance. 

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