Denham Brown Wants to Give Back to Toronto Youth



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Denham Brown scored 111 points in a high school basketball game in 2002.

He would move on to be an NCAA National Champion (UCONN), NBA Drafted (Seattle Supersonics), represent Canada internationally, and has enjoyed an 8-year PRO career overseas.

The 6’5 scoring machine is approaching the tail end of his pro career, but still loves the game and wants to give back to the basketball community, through working with youth.

“For me, its all about the fundamentals of the game, there are many great athletes today, that will definitely benefit from adding a skill set,” Brown told NPH.

Brown is hosting a basketball clinic, entitled “CXI” which equates to 111 in roman numerals, referencing the historical game where he filled the stat sheet.


“Stimulate your mind, and your body will follow,” said Brown.

“For the 111 points, I stimulated my mind months before…I looked at playing in the NBA when I was six years old.”

Brown is one of the pioneers in Canadian basketball, specifically to Toronto hoops–a well recognized name in the community with loads of knowledge and experience to share with today’s youth.

“Self-motivation is key, motivate yourself, motivate and stimulate your mind, its going pay off in the end.”

denham canadaBrown also spoke about his experiences as a young teenager and the importance of building toughness early, as it relates to basketball.

“I was playing against men when I was 15 years old, facing adversity and taking losses.”

Reaching and connecting with youth is important to Brown; he would like to see young players get mentally right, before throwing them in the fire.

“I want kids to be able to get a good feeling about me, so that I can provide mentorship. Growing up, I know how important mentorship is.

On July 18-19, Brown will host his CXI camp, for youth 7-14 years of age at Falstaff Community Centre.

In addition, Denham Brown will be in attendance this weekend at the Toronto NPH Showcase as a Camp Instructor!

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