I didn’t need to see Lindell Wigginton score to know that he has improved

Orangeville Prep started down 16-2

Jamal Murray took matters into his own hands for

Thon and Matur Maker were already known coming into this game

Kept it respectable

Were down 34-14 at the half, shooting 6/21 from the field and had 11 turnovers.

Sluggish body language, going from city to city

Jerome Desrosiers most improved prepster. A legitimate threat on the wing because he can knock down the triple and create off the dribble.

At one time was sitting at the number one spot in the 2017 class and now is at

Lindell Wigginton we await to see him tomorrow for our last game at Hoop Hall Classic.

Old Dominion, Virginia, College of Charelston, Nebraska, Xavier, west  virginia, Iowa

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