Brampton Breakdown Team Bio – Grade 7


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  • CYBL
  • Etobicoke tournament (TBA)
  • Super 64 Elite Event (TBA)
  • PTR

The Run Down:

Team breakdown and coach Lloyd Dixon rely on one of the most fundamental teachings in life – discipline.

Dixon, who studies martial arts and is also a police officer, had always been a huge fan of basketball. Although Dixon never really played basketball, as football was his first love, his son Noah was immediately attached to the game.

Team breakdown loves to work on fundamentals, along with creativity training for the kids. The team practices and is regimented in doing the right things consistently while striving to add more weapons to the basic basketball skills.

One handed passes (both right and left), alley-oops, and body control in the air are just some of the tactics Dixon likes to add to his practice to keep changing the pace and keep the atmosphere fun, light, and refreshing.

“Since day one the motto for this team has been discipline” said coach Lloyd Dixon.

Stylistically, defense is a must for team breakdown as they pride themselves in keeping their opponents below 55 points a game. They have some of the best athletes in the division and have a great balance on the team where at any given time all players are looked upon to score.

Team Roster:

Number Player Position
1 Ose Okojie SF-PF
3 Darryl Mangubat G
4 Malachi Smith G
7 Benjamin Ezeagu PF-C
8 Noah Dixon G
15 Tega Ajise SF-PF
17 Dylan Kalambay PF-C
21 Jaron Leong PF-C
23 Autrey Dawkins G-PF
24 Andrew Robinson PF


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