Top 50 CCAA Players by Bill Crowdis – Efficiency and Impact

When I decided to come on board with NPH to cover CCAA basketball, it was to offer a unique perspective on Canadian College hoops.

CROWDIS50During the first half of the season, we decided to double down on team rankings with a weekly Top 30 list as well as acknowledging 100 student-athletes through our Top 20 rankings, by each respective class.

While these rankings take into account many factors, they are still subjective in nature, as it is ultimately my opinion of who makes these lists and where they get placed.

With our Top 50 CCAA Player Ranking (regardless of class) we have decided to take a more objective approach, using an efficiency formula that factors player’s statistics such as points, rebounds, assists, turnovers, blocks & steals while incorporating shooting percentages from the field, 3-point range and free throw line, with a final analysis of efficiency per game and minutes played.

Most coaches would agree, a player’s value goes beyond just the points they score or the rebounds they grab. What’s most important, is how efficient they are with the minutes they play and how they contribute to the overall success of their team.

From this objective perspective, here are the CCAA’s Top 50 most efficient impact players at the mid point of the season.

Top 50 CCAA

  1. Alix Lochard, Montmorency, RSEQ
  2. Josh Ross, Vancouver Island, PACWEST
  3. Ian Tevis, Red Deer, ACAC
  4. Daniel Cayer, John Abbott, RSEQ
  5. Collin Whitely, Keyano, ACAC
  6. Anthony Ottley, Red Deer, ACAC
  7. Wayne Tucker, Olds, ACAC
  8. Whyley Roosevelt, Holland, ACAA
  9. Patrick Donnelly, St. Clair, OCAA
  10. Travis Adams, Holland, ACAA
  11. Mike Lucier, Lambton, OCAA
  12. Matt Matear, Red Deer, ACAC
  13. Ted Neilson, Camosun, PACWEST
  14. Peitro de Andrade, Medicine Hat, ACAC
  15. Kevin Davis, Columbia Bible, PACWEST
  16. Rayvon Higdon, Redeemer, OCAA
  17. Andre-Nicolas Ntivumbura, La Cite, OCAA
  18. Donald Gibson, St. Lawrence, OCAA
  19. Olivier Simon, Edouard Montpetit, RSEQ
  20. Chaz Johnson, Lethbridge, ACAC
  21. Jordan MacDonald, Niagara, OCAA
  22. Mehmed Hajrovic, Crandall, ACAA
  23. Mike West, Quest, PACWEST
  24. Malcolm Mensah, Douglas, PACWEST
  25. Bradley Fuller, Mount Allison, ACAA
  26. Quinn Taylor, St. Mary’s, ACAC
  27. Keevon Small, John Abbott, RSEQ
  28. Gibson Eduful, Humber, OCAA
  29. Gui Fuck, Medicine Hat, ACAC
  30. Lamar Barr, Mohawk, OCAA
  31. Martin Bogajev, Capilano, PACWEST
  32. Max Viitala, Ambrose, ACAC
  33. Ryan Harnett, U. Kings, ACAA
  34. Thomarcus Nix, Crandall, ACAA
  35. Branden Padgett, Lambton, OCAA
  36. Noah DeRappard-Yuswack, Quest, RSEQ
  37. Tarez Hepburn, Canadore, OCAA
  38. Jason Fortin, Vancouver Island, PACWEST
  39. Alex Chisholm, Mount Allison, ACAA
  40. Kojo Afari, Mohawk, OCAA
  41. Adam Johnson, Concordia, ACAC
  42. Hassan Maidal, Crandall, ACAA
  43. Grady Taylor, Lethbridge, ACAC
  44. Jeremy Speller, St. Thomas, ACAA
  45. Hess Mayele, La Cite, OCAA
  46. Kareem Collins, Mohawk, OCAA
  47. Brian Owusu, Sheridan, OCAA
  48. Cory Richardson, Keyano, ACAC
  49. Elijah Calhoun, Columbia Bible, PACWEST
  50. Jackson Jacob, NAIT, ACAC

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