Quebec Hoops – Work in Progress

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In our trip to La Belle Province on the final stop of the NPH Showcase circuit, we had the opportunity to work with a group of impressive basketball minds all with one common goal–contribute to the game in Quebec and help take it to the next level.

If you talk to most people in the province in Quebec, we feel that we’ve been under there radar for a long, long time, even back to when I played –Dwight Walton, former National team player.

Like the campers, North Pole Hoops soaked in a load of knowledge on talent within the province and many new prospects will enter the National rankings as a result.

There is a lot of talent here and the guys want to come and work as hard as possible; at this camp all the guys are high levels guys so you have to bring your a-game every day — Osvaldo Jeanty, 5-time CIS national champion.

We will continue to evaluate campers throughout the regular HS & CEGEP season that we have identified as post-secondary talent.

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