One-on-One with Megan Lukan

On the eve of the NCAA Tournament we were fortunate enough to get to speak to one of them – Megan Lukan.  We got a chance to fire off a few questions with her talking about being a part of NEDA, choosing to redshirt her true freshman season and playing with her younger sister right here …

(PHOTO:  Green Bay Athletics)
(PHOTO: Green Bay Athletics)

Megan Lukan has been a four year starter for the Green Bay Phoenix and will leave as one of the better players to wear the uniform.  She is currently among the school’s career leaders in assists and steals and was named to the Horizon League All defensive team the last two seasons and the All Conference, Second Team this year continuing the great line of Phoenix point guards …


Can Ball Ray: Let’s start off with what your senior season expectations were going into the season for the team.

Megan Lukan: Last year we didn’t make the NCAA Tournament because we didn’t win our conference tournament. I really want to get back to that just because it’s something we went to my freshman year and sophomore year and we’ve won conference all the years I’ve been here. It’s a part of our history.


Can Ball Ray: How about for yourself? Were there any that you may have had for yourself at all?

Megan Lukan: I think for me I want to lead the girls in a very positive way, make sure we’re playing to the best of our ability. For me it’s not really about the stats. I’ll do whatever I can to help my team but as the end of the day as long as we get W … it doesn’t really matter.


Can Ball Ray: Now let me back track a little bit. How did you get to Green Bay?

Megan Lukan: I was playing for the Ontario U17 team and we went to Chicago for an AAU tournament and (that’s) where the Green Bay coaches saw me. I got home (from the event) and a couple of days later they offered me a scholarship. So the summer before my senior year I went for an unofficial visit and then I committed. It was a quick process for m and it was good fit.


Can Ball Ray: You were one of the few players that got attend the short lived National Elite Development Academy that Canada Basketball ran a few years back. You were living away from home and training in the National Program year round. How did that experience help you transition to college.

Megan Lukan: I left home in grade 11 to play for NEDA and I think putting all that energy into basketball for that one year, because I grew up a multi-sport athlete, focusing all your energy on that and seeing what it takes (to get to the next level). When I went to that program that’s when I realized I could be playing college basketball. Growing up I just played because I enjoyed it. I never really planned on what I was going to do next. Being at NEDA I got letters from schools from the States and other Canadian schools and I began to see my future set itself up.


Can Ball Ray: After your one year at NEDA, the program shut down. You opted to go home and finish your final year of high school in your hometown. How was going back to playing in high school like for you? 

Megan Lukan: When I was told that NEDA was shutting down I just cried because I didn’t now how I was going to get better. Honestly, my grade 12 year was the best year I had. I was fortunate to go back because it allowed me to do stuff. I just enjoyed being back in high school being with friends and doing things I didn’t do at NEDA.


Can Ball Ray: So you finish high school and you are in your freshman season but you redshirted. Talk a little about that.

Megan Lukan: I chose to redshirt because (the team) were returning the same team from the year prior. They had a returning senior point guard and another point guard who was a junior. I chose to redshirt and I got to spend a year under one of the best PGs at Green Bay and it paid off for me. I really enjoyed the team, I was getting every day and practice was fun. I was hard to sit out but eventually you have your head around the fact that you’re setting yourself up for something better.

(PHOTO: Green Bay Athletics)
(PHOTO: Green Bay Athletics)


Can Ball Ray: The women’s program at Green Bay is incredible. Talk about being a part of this winning Green Bay tradition.

Megan Lukan: We’ve won 16 straight regular season championships and that tradition started before I got here. I think of the tradition of the team, you come to something bigger than yourself, and I think I’ve contributed (to it).


Can Ball Ray: You’ve had the opportunity to play with your younger sister Kaili for a few years.   How has it been playing with your sister again?

Megan Lukan: It’s been a lot of fun. When I first got here, we didn’t think she was coming here. Well, we never did not not think she was coming here but we didn’t think it was really an option.   I think my parents are happy about it because they only have to come to one game instead of two. It’s neat because when we were younger she was always compared to my older sister and me. She was always tiny, but she’s taller than me now, and I don’t think people expected her to competitive athletically but she’s probably the most gifted. It’s a lot of fun.


Can Ball Ray: Being the older sister, how has that dynamic worked with also being an upperclassman with her.

Megan Lukan: Well she’s my sister first but the most important thing is I know I’m a senior but a leader doesn’t have to be a senior it’s someone who works hard and the team respects. I think she respects me because she knows I’ve put in the time and work. On the court, I wouldn’t say that there are boundaries at all but, to an extent, I’d have to treat her like one of my teammates. we get along well off the court and I think that it carries on the court.


Can Ball Ray: Do you ever catch yourself pushing her a little harder because she’s your sister.

Megan Lukan: Maybe. She’s a really good player and I just know what she’s capable of because I grew up with her.

(PHOTO: Green Bay Athletics)

Can Ball Ray: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the season.

Megan Lukan: I think we play one game at a time and try to get the wins. We want to win conference again and I’m hoping to win the conference tournament and we determine our fate.


Can Ball Ray: Looking beyond the season, what do you have in mind for yourself.

Megan Lukan: Honestly, I think I’m focused on getting through this semester and making sure that I’m taking it all in. I remember when I was a redshirt and they did their senior speeches one of the seniors said she wished she enjoyed her season more and I really took that to heart. I think imp trying to enjoy my season a lot.


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